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Barrow vs Hartlepool

Barrow vs Hartlepool 03 September 2019

Barrow vs Hartlepool have seen under 1.5 goals scored in 3 of their last 4 meetings.


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For the fourth time in overtime, they lead the scoring but do not win. The decisive mistake of right back Brown in the end, cost the chance to take one point from the match against Woking.

“We live in Groundhog Day,” Ian Evatt said, referring to the well-known comedy starring Bill Murray. Defending problems seem to be unsolved so far and are largely responsible for team’s downward. This must added to the natural inefficiency which is obvious in scoring.

This is how they are currently in a relegation zone. Based on their good home results they search for a return to victories that will give them a breath. Newly acquired Platt’s debut is expected to be done tonight. He returned to Barrow after signing on loan until the end of the season from Championship club Blackburn Rovers.

Match News: All problems are from along time before.

Barrow vs Hartlepool Bet Info: Barrow’s 4 of the latest 5 matches were btts and over 2.5 goals.

Barrow vs Hartlepool


Previous match

Historically high is their 9th position in the standings after a home win over Torquay. Their undefeated run now is three games. Hartlepool could have been unleashed earlier if they were better in the final effort. However, the golden goal came with a diagonal shot by defender Peter Kioso (80 ‘).

Craig Hignett dedicated the victory to the 226 Hartpool’s fans who traveled about 500 kilometers to be with their favorite side. He also mentioned that as long as his players play with passion in the field, the team cannot be afraid of anybody.

The bad news comes from the medical team. Midfielder Molyneux has undergone surgery and will be out of action for about three months. Although in fact his absence has no immediate impact, as he is missing from the start of the season.

Match News: Since the beginning of the year, Molyneux (midfielder) and Williams (midfielder) are absent. Defender Anderson (1/0) logically will be out while Kabamba (4/0) and Muir (4/1) are in doubt.

Barrow vs Hartlepool Bet Info: Hartlepool‘s 4 of the latest 5 matches were btts and over 2.5 goals.

Blackpool vs Morecambe

Blackpool vs Morecambe 03 September 2019

Blackpool vs Morecambe have seen over 2.5 goals in their last 3 meeting in all competitions.


Previous match

Their home appearance against Portsmouth was positive, as they remaind at 1-1. Blackpool did not play well in the first half and their opponent was better. So in the 17th minute of the match he were left behind at the score. However, they had a reaction and in the second part they took the point of the draw.

Blackpool are one of the few teams that remain unbeaten in the season and stay close to the top of the standings. They show a very tough face and it is difficult to lose.

After along time they will give a match without much pressure, which does not mean that they will not give importance to the game.

Match News: From the start of the season goalkeeper Howard (32/0 last year) is out. Virtue is out for the midfielders (13/3 last year). Delfouneso (4/2) remains out of the attack.

Blackpool vs Morecambe Bet Info: Blackpool have seen 5 btts in their last seven games.

Blackpool vs Morecambe


Previous match

They had a difficult afternoon at Swindon (3-1), conceding 3 goals in the first 21 minutes. Third consecutive defeat in all competitions. Their defense conceded a total of 10 goals in those games.

Morecambe collected 5 points in 6 games (1-2-3) in the championship. They also count just one win and that came with great luck at Macclesfield (0-1, 20/8).

Today’s game will be the third consecutive away game and the fourth in the last five in 15 days. Last year in the League Trophy Morecambe had 3 defeats and were out from the group stage. They remain the 1st favorite to relegate. Most likely the coach will make a number of changes as they faces a difficult schedule in the league.

Match News: Key midfielder Kenyon (3/0) is injured. Wildig (3/0) is also out.

Blackpool vs Morecambe Bet Info: Morecambe lost their last 3 games in all competitions.

Leyton Orient vs Southend

Leyton Orient vs Southend 03 September 2019

Leyton Orient vs Southend is a local derby.

Leyton Orient

Previous match

The point at Salford City (1-1) is a positive one. A game between two teams that came hand-by-hand from the National League last year.

Leyton Orient avoided conceding a second goal in the first half, but they were much better in the second. That’s when they equalized with an own goal (87′). One win in the 6 most recent games (1-2-3). The assistant coach, Ross Empleton, speaks with the best words about the Cup, a sign that he is serious about it.

Team returns to the Cup for the first time after 2016.

Match News: Sotiriou International (Forward, 0/0). Doubtful for 3rd match is Widdowson (defender, 2/0). Three more absences are long lasting.

Leyton Orient vs Southend Bet Info: Leyton Orient failed to win 5 of their last 6 games in all competitions.

Leyton Orient vs Southend


Previous match

Southend continued at the same bad pace, unable to show a competitive face. They lost at home 3-0 from Rochdale. Everything was judged in the first part when they conceded two goals in 35′ and 37′. The team had no way to react for the rest of the match and at 77′ they conceded the final third goal.

Southend counts only defeats now in the league and they remain in last place. They are kept alive by the fact that Barry has left the league and that Bolton has been deducting points.

So a win can bring them out of danger zone. The one who can’t get out of the danger zone though, is Kevin Bond. He said he will not resign, but his departure seems to be a matter of hours. Bookmakers removed any bet about Bond’s dismissal as nothing seems to save him.

“I’m not thinking about my position right now but how the team will become better”, he said after defeating Rochdale.

Match News: Southend is now used to absences. Barratt (1/0) and Hopper (14/7) are out of the attack. Out of the midfield area are McLaughlin (2/0) and Kyprianou.

Leyton Orient vs Southend Bet Info: Southend scored 6 over 2.5 goals in their last seven games.

Doncaster vs Lincoln

Doncaster vs Lincoln City 03 September 2019

Doncaster vs Lincoln met ten days before where Doncaster won 2-1.


Previous match

On August 24, they played their last game. They beat their current rival Lincoln and prevailed 2-1 for the championship.

Doncaster started the game very loud and in one of their first opportunities in the match they scored at 13 ‘. They received the equalizer in the 57th minute of the match, but in the final minutes they scored the second goal and cleared the match 2-1.

No any obligations for ten days. Doncaster had the chance to rest, but they slowed down after finding two consecutive wins in the league where they remain undefeated.

Darren Moore, from his own side, is demanding more and more of his players as he believes enough in them.

Match News: The defense has problems for Doncaster as Wright (14/2 last year) and Baptiste (2/0) are not counted.

Doncaster vs Lincoln Bet Info: 5 goal/goal in their last 6 games.

Doncaster vs Lincoln

Lincoln City

Previous match

Lincoln City showed their familiar face against Fleetwood and came up relatively comfortable with a 2-0 home win.

After a very bad start, they left enoufh spaces for their opponent to create opportunities. It was the 34′ when the score opened. Theyr took advantage of the confusion that came to their opponent and a minute later found a second goal clearing the match for the final 2-0.

After three consecutive defeats in all competitions,they managed to return to success with Fleetwood in a very important game. Lincoln thus kept in touch with the top scorers.

There is alot of improvement shown in their match against Everton where theur had been excluded from the FA Cup and now the result is well worth it.

Match News: The absences are the same since the start of the season. These are midfielders Frecklington (27/3 last year) and Pett (44/3 last year).

Doncaster vs Lincoln Bet Info: They have scored 2-3 goals in their last seven appearances.