Chievo vs Inter -Italy Serie A 18/05/2014


Chievo vs Inter

Chievo news:

They found it difficult enough but finally they managed to win Cagliari thanks to Dainelli’s goal in 72′ minute. They secured their position in Serie A in relation with Livorno’s and Bologna’s defeats.

Eugenio Corini was very happy and congratulated his players for their success. The team’s  management determined reduced ticket prices for the match against Inter Milan in order to attract more fans and celebrate the happy end of the season.

Finally, Corini was delighted at press conference. “This was the second rescue for the team having me on the bench and i am very happy about that. “

Inter news:

They were losing to Lazio from the very first minutes but they quickly scored three goals up to the end of the first half. The final score (4-1) secured them mathematically in fifth place and gave them the ticket for the Uefa Europa League for the next season , after an absence of one year.

Emotion was prevailed for the great captain’s last goodbye, Javier Zanetti, who experienced unprecedented glorification from everyone in the stadium.

Walter Mazzarri abstained from the press conference. He was replaced by Piero Auzilio. The athletic director confirmed that Mazzarri will be on the bench of Inter Milan for the next season. He also made known that team will not renew Samuel’s and Cambiasso’s contracts.