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How Watching Live Football Action Can Excite You

How Watching Live Football Action Can Excite You

How Watching Live Football Action Can Excite You

A few information first approximately Futbol Club Barcelona – this in any other case known as FC Barcelona (or, more affectionately, Barca), is one of the most famous sports activities golf equipment no longer only in Spain, however also in Europe and even the rest of the sector as nicely. While acknowledged for soccer, it’s also home to competing groups in the game of roller hockey, handball, and basketball.

This club become mounted in 1899 for the very basic reason of beginning a sports membership. The organisation has certainly grown to extraordinary prominence in the final century and firmly entrenched itself as an essential entity in global sports. Its lovers may be determined in all corners of the arena where soccer is seemed as a cherished and beautiful recreation. People travel to Europe from all over to peer the team in motion.

How Watching Live Football Action Can Excite You

There are human beings from the other cease of the globe who’re obsessively keeping up with the game. They’re willing to spend a small fortune on aircraft tickets and accommodations simply to be part of all the craze. If you’re rooting for this football team and are a confessed Cule (what Barcelona enthusiasts are called), you must in reality recognise wherein to shop for the game’s tickets each on-line and offline. For maximum human beings, buying the tickets online is much more convenient.

The excitement

The excitement within the air as you technique the stadium on in shape days is certainly palpable. Seeing legions of lovers of all ages and genders congregate on the famous Nou Camp is certain to give you goose bumps. It’s superb to behold and comprehend what a uniting force a football group may be, and when the match eventually kicks off, the thrill simply can not be contained. The power in the surroundings can not be denied. You’re positive to discover yourself beaten by means of the ardour and exhilaration round you.

What do humans get from such avid fanaticism? If nothing else, supporting any such successful and mythical group feels nothing short of great. The players can constantly depend directly to supply an outstanding performance. The stunning trinity of Messi, Xavi, and Iniesta is normally enough to guarantee an epic game. Messi, mainly, can get absolutely elegant at instances.

How Watching Live Football Action Can Excite You

So, If you are no longer a fan and are just looking to revel in attending a sport, prepare your self to end up a convert. The games can be a quasi-non secular enjoy. You may simply discover yourself a cutting-edge Cule later on, so go get your price tag and discover.

Barrow vs Hartlepool

Barrow vs Hartlepool 03 September 2019

Barrow vs Hartlepool have seen under 1.5 goals scored in 3 of their last 4 meetings.


Previous match

For the fourth time in overtime, they lead the scoring but do not win. The decisive mistake of right back Brown in the end, cost the chance to take one point from the match against Woking.

“We live in Groundhog Day,” Ian Evatt said, referring to the well-known comedy starring Bill Murray. Defending problems seem to be unsolved so far and are largely responsible for team’s downward. This must added to the natural inefficiency which is obvious in scoring.

This is how they are currently in a relegation zone. Based on their good home results they search for a return to victories that will give them a breath. Newly acquired Platt’s debut is expected to be done tonight. He returned to Barrow after signing on loan until the end of the season from Championship club Blackburn Rovers.

Match News: All problems are from along time before.

Barrow vs Hartlepool Bet Info: Barrow’s 4 of the latest 5 matches were btts and over 2.5 goals.

Barrow vs Hartlepool


Previous match

Historically high is their 9th position in the standings after a home win over Torquay. Their undefeated run now is three games. Hartlepool could have been unleashed earlier if they were better in the final effort. However, the golden goal came with a diagonal shot by defender Peter Kioso (80 ‘).

Craig Hignett dedicated the victory to the 226 Hartpool’s fans who traveled about 500 kilometers to be with their favorite side. He also mentioned that as long as his players play with passion in the field, the team cannot be afraid of anybody.

The bad news comes from the medical team. Midfielder Molyneux has undergone surgery and will be out of action for about three months. Although in fact his absence has no immediate impact, as he is missing from the start of the season.

Match News: Since the beginning of the year, Molyneux (midfielder) and Williams (midfielder) are absent. Defender Anderson (1/0) logically will be out while Kabamba (4/0) and Muir (4/1) are in doubt.

Barrow vs Hartlepool Bet Info: Hartlepool‘s 4 of the latest 5 matches were btts and over 2.5 goals.

Blackpool vs Morecambe

Blackpool vs Morecambe 03 September 2019

Blackpool vs Morecambe have seen over 2.5 goals in their last 3 meeting in all competitions.


Previous match

Their home appearance against Portsmouth was positive, as they remaind at 1-1. Blackpool did not play well in the first half and their opponent was better. So in the 17th minute of the match he were left behind at the score. However, they had a reaction and in the second part they took the point of the draw.

Blackpool are one of the few teams that remain unbeaten in the season and stay close to the top of the standings. They show a very tough face and it is difficult to lose.

After along time they will give a match without much pressure, which does not mean that they will not give importance to the game.

Match News: From the start of the season goalkeeper Howard (32/0 last year) is out. Virtue is out for the midfielders (13/3 last year). Delfouneso (4/2) remains out of the attack.

Blackpool vs Morecambe Bet Info: Blackpool have seen 5 btts in their last seven games.

Blackpool vs Morecambe


Previous match

They had a difficult afternoon at Swindon (3-1), conceding 3 goals in the first 21 minutes. Third consecutive defeat in all competitions. Their defense conceded a total of 10 goals in those games.

Morecambe collected 5 points in 6 games (1-2-3) in the championship. They also count just one win and that came with great luck at Macclesfield (0-1, 20/8).

Today’s game will be the third consecutive away game and the fourth in the last five in 15 days. Last year in the League Trophy Morecambe had 3 defeats and were out from the group stage. They remain the 1st favorite to relegate. Most likely the coach will make a number of changes as they faces a difficult schedule in the league.

Match News: Key midfielder Kenyon (3/0) is injured. Wildig (3/0) is also out.

Blackpool vs Morecambe Bet Info: Morecambe lost their last 3 games in all competitions.

Leyton Orient vs Southend

Leyton Orient vs Southend 03 September 2019

Leyton Orient vs Southend is a local derby.

Leyton Orient

Previous match

The point at Salford City (1-1) is a positive one. A game between two teams that came hand-by-hand from the National League last year.

Leyton Orient avoided conceding a second goal in the first half, but they were much better in the second. That’s when they equalized with an own goal (87′). One win in the 6 most recent games (1-2-3). The assistant coach, Ross Empleton, speaks with the best words about the Cup, a sign that he is serious about it.

Team returns to the Cup for the first time after 2016.

Match News: Sotiriou International (Forward, 0/0). Doubtful for 3rd match is Widdowson (defender, 2/0). Three more absences are long lasting.

Leyton Orient vs Southend Bet Info: Leyton Orient failed to win 5 of their last 6 games in all competitions.

Leyton Orient vs Southend


Previous match

Southend continued at the same bad pace, unable to show a competitive face. They lost at home 3-0 from Rochdale. Everything was judged in the first part when they conceded two goals in 35′ and 37′. The team had no way to react for the rest of the match and at 77′ they conceded the final third goal.

Southend counts only defeats now in the league and they remain in last place. They are kept alive by the fact that Barry has left the league and that Bolton has been deducting points.

So a win can bring them out of danger zone. The one who can’t get out of the danger zone though, is Kevin Bond. He said he will not resign, but his departure seems to be a matter of hours. Bookmakers removed any bet about Bond’s dismissal as nothing seems to save him.

“I’m not thinking about my position right now but how the team will become better”, he said after defeating Rochdale.

Match News: Southend is now used to absences. Barratt (1/0) and Hopper (14/7) are out of the attack. Out of the midfield area are McLaughlin (2/0) and Kyprianou.

Leyton Orient vs Southend Bet Info: Southend scored 6 over 2.5 goals in their last seven games.

betting on draws

Bet on draws in Nigeria, how to win

Unlike other high-scoring sports, such as basketball, a soccer match has a significant chance of being a draw. In this article, we try to help predict and bet on draws in Nigeria. It looks simple and that is why many betting players try to take advantage of the high odds offered for draws by the bookies. However, they need more things than just a simple draw prediction.

Premier League draw stats

About 24% of Premier League games in the 2013-2018 season ended in draws. The most common score was 1-1 with 42% followed by scoreless draws (0-0) with 32% and 2-2 with 22%. So at that time, draws played an important role in the Premier League, not only as a result but also as part of the handicaps that included them.

Logically, a tie is more likely between two groups of similar capacity, after taking into account the home team factor. In a case where the title contender plays against a team that fights for its salvation, we will see the chances of a draw shrink to 14%. However two more equivalent teams would have a 30% chance of ending the draw.

This can lead us to the wrong conclusion that it is enough to bet on a draw in which the opponents are equivalent in terms of odds to win the draw in our bet. This is of course wrong, since betting companies do not simply throw away their money.

Even one’s potentially high ability to predict a draw does not guarantee that he will make a profit. Most of the times the probability of a draw drops into the betting odds offered. The rule of value betting is of course applicable to the high returns of the draws. We should take it into consideration when betting on them.

It is also important to know that even when a team has shown great ability in draws, for example because of its tight playing style, it does not necessarily mean that it will continue to do so forever. But even if it continues on the same pattern, the potential for profit can be overestimated, believing that future draws will have value while this is not necessarily true.

Previous draws do not count

For example, Premier League teams that brought the most draws from 2006 to 2016 were typically average teams in tables, such as Stoke City, West Brom and Aston Villa. Together, they had an average of 16 draws per season. However Premier League had an average of almost 10 draws. The following year, however, this trinity dropped from 16 to just over 10, very close to the average of the category.

bet on draws

It is important to understand the factors that contribute to a tie, even those that are not clearly contested. One of them is the end of the season where the motives of two opposing teams to avoid a defeat can be reconciled to one degree. We have seen this happen more often in Italy, with some “convenient” draws to be a strong favorite.

Statistically, the five major leagues in Europe and the Champions League have similar draw rates, around 24.30% on average. So it is preferable for players to focus on the individual characteristics of each team rather than the championships.

So in order to bet on draws and choose which draws to put in our bet we need to have some rules in mind.

Best strategy to bet on draws in Nigeria

Starting with our study, as the statistics show, we should eliminate the stereotypes associated with certain leagues. After all, the tendency of a league to draw results is something that bookmakers know well before us, so they have adjusted their odds accordingly by subtracting any betting value from them.

The motivation of the teams should be high on the factors for our choices. When one of the opponents “hits” to a certain extent it is obvious that during the match the tie can evolve to the most logical result. Also when neither of the two teams is interested to win then draw is the first favorite result from the start, which of course has low returns.

Another feature of teams that tend to draw is the difficulty in scoring. Also something that can be decisive in the final result, is when a match reaches an advanced point goalless. Then no team in normal conditions will risk too much to score a goal.

Performance-balanced games do not necessarily have a higher chance of being drawn. As the statistics show, games where the draw is the second favorite result have a similar frequency of draws to those with the highest draw.

Bookmakers are often right.

This should be our starting point when we search for any bets and not just draws. Such a strategy will save us from many wrong choices. At the same time reduce the cost of our bets as well as increase our rigor when we chooss our bets.

Finally, we should definitely avoid big multiple bets with draws. Obviously the returns are very attractive. We have to resist and include a few bets and put them into a system. This way we avoid the many and frequent frustrations that will lead to the disappearance of our capital.

Generally we must be aware that there is no magic recipe for profits when we bet on draws in Nigeria. The same applies of course to draws. So, we always have to play with prudence and discipline to keep betting for fun. Betting must not to become an obstacle in our lives.

What is the best strategy to bet on draws?

The most important factor when you select a draw is the motivation of the teams. Teams that focus to get one point from a match most of the times succeed.

Do previous statistics count ?

In my opinion, not at all. Every match is different and previous matches had different factors.

Is it easy to bet on draws and win?

As every type of betting draws are also difficult to predict.

Both teams to score

Both teams to score: Detailed Guide and Strategy

In this article we are going to focus on Both teams to score: Detailed Guide and ways to achieve profit. What is the meaning of BTTS?

Both teams to score or BTTS, as we have learned to call it in betting, is an option that is constantly gaining ground in the preferences of the betting players. This market is pretty clear, even for those who are now starting the online betting arena. Goal-Goal means that both teams will be able to score at least one goal in each other’s matches.

This simple explanation has given the impression that this is an easy market. At a glance we can see that in four of the top leagues in Europe (England, Spain, Germany, Italy) in the last five years, 51% of games confirm BTTS. This may lead to a wrong conclusion that the chances of winning are shared, but things are not exactly like that. The reality is that there are several factors and specific strategies that should determine your choices.

Both team to score tips

There are some parameters to keep in mind before choosing the strategy to bet on a BTTS. Below you will find the most important ones to improve your estimates.

Clear favorites between two strong opponents

At first glance it may seem contradictory, however, every experienced player knows that it is perfectly reasonable.

It is easier to see goals from both sides when opponents have quality and goals, than when the top league team plays against one of the latter.

This is because even when there is a favorite it is very likely that the underdog will score especially when they have a quality team. In contrast, this is more difficult when it comes to a low quality group.

Target on away favorites

One of the smartest strategic moves to bet on goal/goal. The strongest club, if it wants to win, it must score. On the other hand, the inferior teams score the vast majority of their goals when playing in their court, as they usually play defensively away from it. In front of their audience they approach the matches more aggressively, which has a positive effect on confirming the BTTS.

Pay attention to playing style

There are several teams that play with a clear offensive philosophy. This is because:

  1. High quality, as they don’t care if they concede a goal, as they can often score more goals.
  2. Decision of Management or coach, as goal makes the game more attractive, whatever the outcome.

History – tradition in BTTS

Two terms that are inextricably linked to the BTTS bet. In this market the history of the rivals in the league and the tradition of each other, have their own distinct role, which you must watch out before betting.

What has each team done so far in the league? Do they score and concede goals easily or do they have a different pattern at home and away? What has happened in recent years in the games between the two teams? Did they score enough goals? Did both opponents scored or did one of them fail to score?

Both teams to score: Detailed Guide and Stats

If history and tradition are the “compass” in BTTS, then we can safely say that statistics are their “map”.

LeagueMatchesBTTSTotal GoalsGoal/matchBTTS % /season
Premier League38017310522.7745.52
Primera Division38019210452.7550.52
Serie A38018510392.7348.69
Champions League125623622.949.6
Europa League205924752.3244.87

In the table above we see the BTTS verification rates in the top four leagues in Europe as well as in the Champions & Europa League.

Careful analysis of the statistics alone leads to the following useful conclusions:

  1. BTTS verification rate per team, overall but also at home / away.
  2. Average goals scored and conceded per match.
  3. Player statistics. How many goals does a team score when its two best strikers do not play? How much does the team concedes when its goalkeeper is missing or one of its top central defenders?

BTTS vs Over 2.5 goals

Sometimes it is preferable to bet on BTTS rather than over, especially in cases where both teams have quality and capable scorers, but the match is crucial and teams may not be too risky. Another factor that is crucial in Both teams to score: Detailed Guide is odds. There are often times when over 2.5 pays lower than BTTS, especially in a match where a clear favorite is competing at home. So read carefully the news and conditions of the match and if you think the underdog can threaten the favorite, then it is certain that BTTS will pay you at a pretty good price.

Both teams to score

Two myths about BTTS

Speaking of betting, myths, prejudices or even superstitions of course could not be missed. So there are two betting myths in the BTTS.

“The two approaches below are based on beliefs rather than clear statistics.”

Match start time

Can the starting time of the match affect the BTTS bet? Looking at the statistics of the world premier league, the English Premier League, we see that statistics are different depending on when the games start. The BTTS percentage at 17:00 (which is the main menu of the match) is quite high. On the contrary, in early afternoon games the rates are lower. This has led to the assertion that players find it difficult to score because they are not fully concentrated, physically and mentally at the moment.

Optimism and faith in the series

Generally, many players bet on form, faith in the series and excitement. They believe that if a team comes from a 5 or 6 BTTS series, it will continue until the end of the season. In addition, the action in an open match can give the impression that a goal is just a matter of time. This excitement leads many players to the wrong bets in BTTS in the belief that finally the game will justify them.

Other Goal Markets

Both teams to score: Detailed Guide and Alternatives.

So such a popular market has sub-categories which have also become very popular.

No goal: One of the classic questions of players is “how to play no goal“. The simple question, the simpler the answer. No goal refers to the possibility of scoring only one of the two teams, or none of them. In this case it applies everything we have analyzed above. Form, statistics, tradition, series, favorite, conditions of the match (football ground condition, double match rematch), the importance of the match play their part.

BTTS and match result or BTTS & over. Do you believe a favorite is very strong and will easily win the match, but odds are low? It may be worth looking at it to bet together with BTTS if you think the game will be open and the underdog will be able to score at least one goal. With similar reasoning you can select BTTS and over 2.5 if you expect an open game, with many scoring chances and fast pace on either side.

10 tips to win in soccer betting in Kenya

In this article we will provide you 10 tips to win in soccer betting in Kenya.

Alot of articles have been written about how to win the bet today, how not to lose money and the best strategy to follow.

Many suggest that we should trust some magic algorithm that predicts team results. Others say we should play in scratch racing and others suggest looking for the best performing teams.

After all, what of all this?

We may not have all the time to look it up or analyze it, but I can give you 10 tips to win in soccer betting that will surely help you.

Play with a system without enthralled

Betting is a mathematical game on the Internet and like all games it is not based on luck but on statistics, on forecasts and on classic odds.

Playing systematically increases your chances of winning and getting more cash from the bookies than losing.

Never bet on your favorite team

Emotion is a bad counselor and it won’t help you think clearly.

For example, if your favorite team is Cardiff and you were playing against Manchester United, it makes sense that you’d wish Cardiff to win and Manchester to lose. Therefore you are biased and you do not have the clear mind needed to think about the real chances of Cardiff to win.

Do not play to take back your loss

As it is reasonable like all of us, you may also have lost some money in betting. That doesn’t mean you have to try to get your losses back in a day.

Likewise, those who have lost at least one euro playing lotto should play frantically until they win. If you don’t have the money to play just don’t play.

Find a bookmaker with the best payouts

There are too many betting companies worldwide that offer different odds for each game. All companies are not the same and all games are not the same.

Find a betting company that suits you and has odds that are slightly better than the market. Therefore you will be able to get 1.40 or 1.45 in a game instead of 1.35.

If you play 100 euros in each match and you win, then your winnings will be 1 euro higher, which is about a 10% difference. If you look at betting amounts of 1,000 euros cumulatively, winnings will be 100 euros and so on.

Better betting odds mean more chances to win.

10 tips to win in soccer

Don’t play money intended for other needs

You need to prioritize your needs and understand that betting is not a job. It is also not a life-long profession that you can do forever because there is risk involved, unless you are a top betting guru.

A lower profile money management and a little moderation does not hurt. Play your bet with as much money as you can bet and no more than you can afford.

See the game you played and enjoy the game. During the game, if you are not relaxed and you can not see the game because you have wagered your whole money then you have to change direction.

If you are not relaxed and you feel stress then you will not have fun and you will not enjoy football betting.

Don’t lose capital

Last but not least, you need to have some capital to invest in betting. Do not spend enormus amounts of money whenever you have some.

You should play steadily and disciplinedly and try not to lose your initial capital.

Calculate each month your profits and see how many matches you have lost and how many you have won. Your goal is winners to be more than losses.

If you consistently play 1% of the capital in your games, then you will find yourself having at least your initial capital or earning a few euros more than your initial capital this month.

Play one game per day

Choose one of the best and most trusted betting companies and start with one game per day.

Which game? This is another matter and it is your job to find out which one.

You can read our website with dozens of articles, match analysis and free betting tips daily.

Your job is to identify opportunities and identify which game has those characteristics that will give you the odds you want and that you can easily win.

Remember that betting is not lotto and you should leave nothing to luck.

If you want to play lotto or roulette, don’t take part in soccer betting and don’t waste your money. Your capital is very important and it should not be lost but only to grow.

Minimize defeats and maximize your wins

Each bet is a separate one but we must always have more wins than defeats per month in order to increase our working capital and make profits steadily each month.

Keep your record and statistics in excel

Last of our 10 tips to win in soccer betting is tracking your records.

You can keep match results in Excel. I use a free spreadsheet for this purpose, Openoffice. Alternatively you can use Google Documents and specifically Google Sheets.

This way you will be able to look back on old wins and losses and create your own conclusions.

The science of winning in soccer betting is something that is is being built daily and match after match.

Football Betting

Football betting tips in Nigeria: Easy tricks that can help

How To have Successful Football Betting Tips in Nigeria

If you are a football fan, then you know how important that weekend match is. You know that you will do everything possible to watch that game. It doesn’t matter whether it is your team playing or not. All that matters is that you watch that beautiful game. Deep inside, though, you always predict results. Through the experience you’ve had in the past, you can easily predict the team that is going to win. Why don’t you use your football betting tips in Nigeria to earn money? You can do this by simply betting on the best betting sites. A good way is to test on a pice of paper any new system you have in mind. This way you will not have to pay anything in advance but only to test it. In order to be successful, you need to use the best free betting advice for betting.

Free football picks will not only help you bet wisely, but also get your prediction right. you have to carefully judge everything you hear. Remember, in betting what matters is your opinion. If your opinion is right, you win a lot of money. If your prediction is not right, you will lose money. When you use football betting tips available, you simply increase your chances of winning.

Previous matches: Crucial factor in our prediction

One of the ways to ensure that you bet wisely is by looking into the history of the teams playing. History has a way of repeating itself, although sometimes it is rewritten. Looking into the past results, therefore, can help you make right choice. The good thing is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for this information. On your preferred soccer betting site, you will get this information for free. All you need is to go through the information before making the final decision.

football betting tipsAnother thing to look at is recent statistics of the teams playing. You need to look at how the two teams playing have been performing in their recent matches. Through those statistics, you can always predict whether a team is likely to win or not. If for instance a team has been winning most of its recent matches, you may conclude that it will win its next match. This will depend on other factors, though. For instance, it may depend on the strength of its next opponent.

Tricks for accurate football tips

Other football betting tips in Nigeria for betting to use is home and away matches. Most teams tend to be dangerous when playing at home. This is because home fans demand more from them. Because of this, most teams are energized whenever in front of home fans. Away matches are not always easy. Teams playing away are always intimidated by fans. Before betting, therefore, it is good to establish the team that is playing away and home. Be careful, though, not to use this as the only determinant. You also need to look at the strength of the team before concluding. For instance, if Barcelona is playing Granada away, Barcelona is likely to win because of its strength. On the other hand, if Granada is playing against Almeria at home, Granada will have an upper hand since they are almost at the same level.

Think before you select your football tips

From the above, you can understand that football tips for betting are the ones you know. You only need to look further into them before making decisions. You don’t need to rush. Take your time to balance all the crucial factors before you decide. If you use these tips to make football picks, you will reap handsomely from your efforts. So stop being just a football fan and start reaping from it. You will see that football betting can easily pay your bills.

What is the best betting trick?

Take your time to balance all the crucial factors before you decide.

What is the most crucial for my prediction?

You take a look at how the two teams have been performing in their recent matches

8 Steps for successful betting

8 Steps for successful betting

Many people think they are betting correctly but at the end of the month their online account is empty. We don’t have to keep losing money to prove to ourselves – and to those around us – that we are good betting players. Just take the 8 steps for successful betting that may not make you rich, but they will definitely improve your betting class. They will also make an action plan that will put your money at less risk.

8 Steps for successful betting


  1. Specialization: Find the sport, league or even team you specialize in and you will be really good at your predictions. Starting with one sport, one league and one team, you will soon be adding a second team, a group of teams, a second league and maybe at the end you will know and watch 10 teams from 3 leagues in 2 sports. As long as everyone’s time is allowed to integrate betting into their day-to-day life, this specialization will surely bring you results. Therefore, you will avoid most mistakes you would do if you were betting blindly, simply because “everyone on the internet today is in favor of this team.” Stay loyal to what you know for yourself.
  2. Capital: Separate some of your money. This will be your capital you will use. Consider you have no more money, if your capital runs out, you will stop betting! Scary, right? This is the only way to appreciate the power of your money and not end up making many deposits each month.
  3. Excel Recording: Prepare an Excel spreadsheet where you will input all your bets. This record will help you identify weaknesses and points where you are really good at predicting your bets. Don’t leave it for the end of the week or month. If you do not start well, bad psychology will not allow you to record any bets in Excel. Before you bet the first euro, enter your bet on the first line of Excel.
  4. Probability calculation: The day of your new betting life has arrived where you will be betting for the first time. The enthusiasm for a new start is obvious and you are very focused. Try to resist this excitement that can lead you to fast movements. Before you even look at the odds, decide what your chances are for the matches you are interested in. If you’ve ended up playing two home wins for example and a draw between the 40 matches of the day, calculate the probability of these bets to be verified. 30, 40, 50%; Calculate!
  5. Odds: Many hated money, none of them hated Value Bet! For you there are only the bets where you ended up in step 4. You will not look at the rest of the matches, as according to step 1 you do not know enough about them! After calculating the probabilities, divide the unit by each probability. For a 50% probability, divide 1 / 0.50 and the quotient will be 2.0. This is the lowest odd that is good enough for you to bet at this match.
  6. Finding high odds: Frequent visit to Odds Comparison Sites should be a daily occupation. As we look for offers for our markets, discounts and the cheapest prices in our daily lives, so that has to be done before betting. This time we are interested in the greater odds, since the higher the odd, the greater our long-term profit. After a while you will find out which companies offer relatively high odds. You will also find yourselves having accounts in several bookmakers and betting exchanges. Of course odds are not the only criterion for choosing a betting company.
  7. Flat Betting: In every bet you know from the beginning how much you will bet: 1% of your initial capital, the one you set in step 3! There is no question how much you risk in each bet. You do not hesitate, you have calculated the probability (4) and calculated the value-for-money (5). Also, you have found the bookmaker with the highest value-for-money (6). You must not leave psychology to have any affect on you. The 3 previous steps if you do them confidently, betting is a simple process: Bet, 1% of capital.
  8. Return to step 3, where you record the results of your matches and the course of your bets.

If you follow these 8 Steps for successful betting, you will surely learn to bet better than you used to. Daily analysis of the results is not necessary as it will make you tired and will not make sense. You will be able to come up with useful conclusions for your system after 200 or even 500 bets. Therefore, it is advisable to evaluate the performance of the system. The larger the sample, the better.

Lechia Gdansk vs Wisla Plock – 02 August 2021

Lechia Gdansk vs Wisla Plock will take place at Stadion Energa Gdansk.

Lechia Gdansk

In a match that was not full of quality (1-1), Lechia started the new season warmly in Ekstraklasa but at least they did not lose. The two teams had played many times last year and they knew each other very well. The guests pressed from the beginning, they had possession of the ball and several corners.

However they could not make significant chances for goals. Jagiellonia were more rational on the pitch in the second half. Unfortunatelly they could not break Lechia’s well-organized defense. These type of games open only if one team scores, which happened by the guests with Zwolinski in the 52nd minute. Gdansk hapinness lasted only three minutes, with the draw bringing defensive orientations on the pitch. The final score (1-1) certainly does not leave the guests disappointed.

Lechia Gdansk vs Wisla Plock

Wisla Plock

Muci’s unbelievable goal was what separated the two teams in the premier game against Legia Warsaw. Wisla Plock stood quite well, had chances, however they subdued by the quality of the opponent who, also made a rotation. In the 15th minute, Tuszynski made an excellent finish but Nawrocki stopped the ball on the line, with Wisla being so near to score first.

Maciej Bartoszek said : “We are disappointed. We were nervous, we made a lot of wrong passes, something that suited Legia. We reached the penalty area but did not know what to do with the ball. Legia scored a beautiful goal in the first half, but for 45 minutes they were not on the field. Anyway, we are looking forward to the next match. ”

Lechia Gdansk vs Wisla Plock Prediction

The team from Gdansk has theoretically more quality. Wisla, however, showed great fighting spirit and must not be considered as an easy opponent. Based on the odds, the truth is that betting against the favorite tempts me, but I think that both teams to score is a safer choice. Matches between these two teams usually create high scores and I do not expect anything different tonight.