England Championship – Nottingham Forest vs Fulham 17/09/2014

English championship

Nottingham Forest last news:

They are alone in the standings, despite the 1-1 in the derby of hatred against Derby County.

The one was afraid of the other in a bad match while the eyes were mostly focused on the grandstand and the impressive atmosphere.

They were preceded in 72′ and got drawn in 80′. They were unable to capitalize on their numerical advantage gained in the last minutes. At home they have two wins and a draw in the first 3 matches, having also conceded just one goal.

Fulham last news:

The classic slogan… «Felix out» was heard continuously and the fans were already late for doing so. When a team starts as one of the favorites for returning back to Premier League and after six games the same team is a laggard, with one draw and five defeats, obviously the problem is huge.

Felix Magath is experienced but only for the Bundesliga. Championship is something completely different and the German coach … seems to be lost in space!

Against Reading FC they started dynamically, but their funny defense breached in 15′. In 18′ they were left with ten players (striker Smith was sent off on his debut and will not be available for the next three games) and then … game over.