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Best betting sites : How to profit from them

Best betting sites : How to easily find them

betting websitesEvery weekend and match day is a great day for you if you are a football fan. This is because you are going to watch your favorite team take to the field. While watching soccer is a great way to have fun, sometimes it is not enough. You need to take extra steps to enjoy football even more. One of the best ways to do so is to bet on best betting sites.

Football betting will not only help you have fun, but also win big. Remember, when you watch football, you don’t win anything. The only thing you win is self-satisfaction. This changes radically when you start betting. Betting gives you a chance to win a lot of money. The only thing you need to do is to predict the result of scores. The same way you predict that your team will win, is the same way you will do. The only difference is that you will commit a certain amount of money. If your prediction is right at the end of the match, you will win money. This means that it doesn’t matter whether your team won or not, as long as your prediction is right, your money is assured.

Be careful when you search for betting websites

You need to be careful, though, on the betting sites you trust. You need to trust betting websites that can really help you. To start with, it is good to trust the best betting sites that have a great customer care support team. Just like any other process, betting also requires guidance. For instance, you may need to know more about betting categories available. In addition, you may need assistance when placing bids on different football teams. A betting website that has a good customer care support will help you at any given time of the day or night.

In addition, it is good to bet on a website that takes care of your finances. One of the reasons you are betting in the first place is to win big. If a betting website doesn’t take care of your financial needs, it will be hard for it to give you satisfactory services. Best betting sites not only ensure that multiple currencies are accepted, but also that you will withdraw your money using various withdrawal methods. On the same note, good betting websites ensure that you get your money when you request it.

Finally, it is good to bet on top rated betting websites that have been licensed. Don’t bet on football betting websites that have not been cleared by the law. If you do this, you will most likely endanger your freedom. The best thing you need to do is to ascertain that a website is certified and licensed by relevant authorities. This is not hard to find. A quick search can give you information to use to make right decisions.

If you pick the best betting sites, you will never regret. You will be able to bet today, tomorrow and even during the game. In addition, you will get assistance about betting, winning and maximizing chances of winning. This means that mistakes will be less, predictions will be right most of the times and win will be a culture. What then are you waiting for? It is your time today to smile from the stadium to the bank.

Reliability: The No 1 factor when searching for betting websites

Reliability is the “keyword” for all punters when they search for a good betting website. This is something that you can find it if you search carefully in well-known lists at the internet. Other friends who have also wagered in these sites can give you their opinion. A reliable website for betting must be online for at least 3 years.

Since the early days of betting on the net, the industry has evolved rapidly, but it’s still relatively new and the online landscape is constantly changing. Laws about gambling around the world change all the time, technology goes ahead, new sites come up every day, some make improvements while others remain back.

All of these make it hard to stay tuned with what’s happening and, in particular, it’s difficult to know which sites to bet and which ones to stay away. A dominant website one year could easily be overtaken by many others and no longer be one of the best selection for the next year.

Ways to find the best betting websites

To be successful at running any kind of an online betting business is simple: be reliable, helpful and reasonable. In other words: deliver client payouts quickly, do everything they can to help punters when they have problems, and offer players logical chances of winning.

You have to continuously search about new and trusted betting websites as you can  find many every day.

Soccer predictions tips for winning most of the times

The strategy : How to get the best betting tips

Soccer predictions tips must meet certain requirements. Those requirements have to do with a variety of causes.

  • Football predictions should have nothing to do with emotional factors. I’m a Liverpool fan so I do not believe that Liverpool can lose. The only reason why we export predictions is in order to earn money. So following your emotions is a bad betting advice.
  • Brand names, such as Real Madrid, Manchester United or Barcelona, underestimate the value of their opponents. They believe they can win them easily. Even big clubs lose matches because of this reason.
  • Soccer betting tips should normally be selected based on our personal judgment and not on the betting’s company. Most of the times, bookmakers reduce the odds of favorite teams to attract more people and thereby to achieve greater turnovers.
  • Soccer predictions tips must necessarily take into consideration the competitive status of the rival teams. If one of the two teams is presented with shortages due to injuries or red cards, this should count to their opponents positively.

Soccer predictions tips : What to be aware of

  • Best soccer predictions tips are affected by the change of the coach. When a football team changes the head coach, most often, they appear improved in the next game day. They have better psychology. Footballers want to prove to the new coach that they deserve a position in the starting lineup. It is something that happens most of the times so you must be aware of it.

Soccer predictions tips

    • Weather conditions also affect the progress and the final outcome of a match. Teams that usually play in cold conditions have difficulty to win their opponents when playing in a warmer environment. So, football predictions in their favor do not usually verified.
    • Another reason that we must check before we export our football predictions is the previous matches of the two teams. This is very important especially for matches played in England. There are teams that have lost by their opponents for many years, creating negative prehistory regardless of other factors.
    • We must check if odds given by the top soccer prediction sites agree with the current status of the teams. In football, the names of the teams do not play, only players do. When a team is in bad form, it should not have low odds only because of their brand name. Bookmakers make the odds lower for the favorite team in order to attract punters to bet on it. The lower odds are more attractive for players but not secure. Our football tips have to be harmonized with what is the current situation at the time when the game takes place and not because of the bookmakers odds.
    • Remember to compare your opinion to others. Most of the time, common sense is enough to predict a soccer match result. Keep bookmaker’s opinion far away. You and the bookies are opponents in your attempt of predicting right.

Conclusion: You have to judge your betting tips , not the bookies.


UEFA Champions League – Besiktas vs Arsenal 19/08/2014

Besiktas news:

Slaven Bilic’s team was absent for four years from the stage of 32 of the Champions League but rebounded strongly in Europe after last year’s punishment. They have checked-in their tickets for this year’s groups: either in Champions League if they pass Arsenal or via the Europa League if they don’t.
In the previous round they ruled out Feyenoord emphatically with two wins and a total score of 5-2 (a hat-trick from Demba Ba in the 3-1 in Istanbul). Historically, any time they have played for the rounds just before the Champions League group stages, they have 3 out of 3 qualifications: in 1997 to Maribor, in 2001 to Lokomotiv Moscow and in 2007 to Zurich.
After the qualification over Feyenoord they participated in a tournament of three 45’ minutes duration where they won Chelsea, Fenerbahce and the insignificant Karagumruk with the same score (1-0).The new domestic Super League starts on 28th of August.

Canadian midfielder Hutchinson has a slight injury and is given doubtful while winger Tore is very difficult to be able to play. If the first one is absent, Bilic will prefer Uysal for the midfield, next to the Austrian Kavlak who is enshrined behind the trio of the attacking midfielders.

Arsenal news:

Arsenal began the league with plenty of anxiety by beating Crystal Palace 2-1. The winning goal was scored by Ramsey in 91′ while two minutes earlier Crystal Palace was left with 10 players. Obviously they had overwhelming ball possession (76%), but struggled to get into the area and create pure chances. They found themselves been back in the score in 35′, Koscielny equalized in 45’ before Ramsey formed the final result.

Arsenal cannot live without Champions League since Arsene Wenger took over. It is significant that the “Gunners” count 16 consecutive appearances in the top club competition. In fact, all six times they were asked to play playoffs in order to enter the groups, they had experienced victories all the times (12 in an equal number of games!)
Qualification is important for economic reasons, although Wenger believes that this is not the main reason he wants to see Arsenal in the groups: “It is not so much about the financial. Of course it is very good income, but we want to present to the groups for the history of the club. It is very beautiful and important to play against the best. ”
The main left defender Gibbs came out with a problem and will stay out, while striker Sanogo did not traveled too, who had started as a key player against Crystal Palace.

Main center back Koscielny was trained along with midfielder Flamini and they are available for the match. Mertesacker (key defender), Ozil (basic attacking midfielder) and Podolski (striker) remain out, as they delayed to integrate into the team after the World Cup.

Wingers Walcott and Gnabry are knocked out since last year, while the new-comer goalkeeper Ospina will not play as well.


France League 1 – Marseille vs Montpellier 17/08/2014

Marseille news:

In fact we live the Bielsa era watching the best game show in the premiere. The ball was going up and down in a crowded stadium. It’s the joy of every football fan.

They found themselves been back in the score before ten minutes were completed but they achieved a full comeback with two goals by Gignac (11 ‘, 62′ pen.) and Romaric’s own goal (17’).

They paid the big pressure highly on the field and the lack of defensive concentration, conceding two goals in eight minutes. The end of the match was identical while due to luck they did not conceded more goals.

The comeback of the goalkeeper (captain) Mandanda was significant, where the truth is that he did not played very well.

The club is very close to the transfer of Lucas Mendes to Qatar.

Their last addition is the attacking midfielder Barrada.

Montpellier news:

They showed a very poor appearance in a game that lacked quality in general. They found themselves been back in the score just before the twenty minute and despite the (few) spirited efforts to take over the reins of the game, they did not managed to beat the goalkeeper.

More than obvious is the absence of last year’s captain Cabella.

Finally they managed to complete the borrowing of the Paraguayan Lucas Barrios (15 app./1 goal   Spartak Moscow) and perhaps to reduce the nagging of Courbis for quality offensive line.

German Soccer

The German Cup Final – Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich 17/05/2014

Borussia Dortmund news:

At the beginning of the sezon they tried to get the paramountcy from Bayern Munich, they won the Super Cup, however very soon it was obvious that they had no necessary depth to the roster to do so.

Suffered from many injuries of important players and they could not keep up on all their targets. The more they payed attention to the Champions League the worst they performed in the German championship. Once they were eliminated from Real and focused on the championship, they did it great.

In the last game day they won Hertha Berlin 4-0. Lewandowski scored twice (41′, 80′), Jojic (44′) and Mkhitaryan (82′) scored too. Lewandowski reached his 20 goals and announced first goal scorer for the Bundesliga for this year.

Bayern Munich news:

They began the sezon with an unachievable target, something that no team had succeeded before, to make the treble for second consecutive season, having a new coach and new agonistic mindset.

They won the championship from March, easier than any other sezon but the painful exclusion from Real Madrid 4-0 upset the balance in the locker room.

There was a problem with the big scorer Mandzukic (26 goals in all competitions). Pep Guardiola left Mandzukic out of the team, boldly stating that the choice is his, the player had no injury problem. Especially he wished him good luck in the next club he will play.