Universidad de Chile vs Cobresal-Apertura Chile

Universidad de Chile vs Cobresal

Universidad de Chile news:

Universidad de Chile want to be the main Colo Colo’s rival for the title. Last year was a disaster so the owners took the decision to deal more actively with the club.

Martin Lasarte is the new coach of the team. For the last two years, the Uruguayan worked in Catolica by which he did not managed to win the league, but he did remarkable work. He is aware of the particular circumstances of the league.

There have been done cosmogenic changes to their roster, the intention is stability and homogeneity. In their last friendly, they drew 2-2 against Everton who struggles now in the Second Division.

The great stopper Rojas left the team as he had a great financial proposal by a group from the Arab Emirates. His gap will hardly be covered from the inside players , because except his value as a player, he was a captain inside and outside of the locker room.

Cobresal news:

Last year they were among the surprises, without big words but with good football, they managed to claim a position for the Sudamericana. Eventually, they did it. They ruled out Palestino in double matches and will participate in this year’s competition, which starts next month.

Cobresal are expected to be badly affected until they’ll find a rhythm in both competitions.

The eve of the skilled technician Jose Cantillana satisfied the management and the fans. The roster was filled, as the parallel obligations in the league and Sudamericana require several solutions. Any gaps were covered, however, it seems difficult to have as good progress this year, as in last Clausura.

On their plus side is that they’ll have no pressure, as the club is located in the Atacama desert and the city of El Salvador.

In the last friendly matches they showed a modest appearance but they are expected to be improved in the upcoming official games.