The German Cup Final – Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich 17/05/2014

Borussia Dortmund news:

At the beginning of the sezon they tried to get the paramountcy from Bayern Munich, they won the Super Cup, however very soon it was obvious that they had no necessary depth to the roster to do so.

Suffered from many injuries of important players and they could not keep up on all their targets. The more they payed attention to the Champions League the worst they performed in the German championship. Once they were eliminated from Real and focused on the championship, they did it great.

In the last game day they won Hertha Berlin 4-0. Lewandowski scored twice (41′, 80′), Jojic (44′) and Mkhitaryan (82′) scored too. Lewandowski reached his 20 goals and announced first goal scorer for the Bundesliga for this year.

Bayern Munich news:

They began the sezon with an unachievable target, something that no team had succeeded before, to make the treble for second consecutive season, having a new coach and new agonistic mindset.

They won the championship from March, easier than any other sezon but the painful exclusion from Real Madrid 4-0 upset the balance in the locker room.

There was a problem with the big scorer Mandzukic (26 goals in all competitions). Pep Guardiola left Mandzukic out of the team, boldly stating that the choice is his, the player had no injury problem. Especially he wished him good luck in the next club he will play.