The battle for the title

soccer predictions

In recent years, Manchester City really have become a force to be reckoned with in English football. There was a time when, under Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United were pretty much nailed on to win the title, but a new era may have begun. Manchester City may just have become the team that always wins the league, even when they don’t seem to play well and could really be on the top of everyone’s soccer predictions list.

The premier league has become wide open since the downfall of Manchester United, making soccer predictions very hard to come by. Their dominance is no more and this has left the others to fight for the title. Last season, it was first of all Arsenal who were thought of as the favourites for the Premier League title early on. Inevitably, their lack of experience in those situations fell and they were knocked off the perch by Liverpool, who were the next target of people’s soccer predictions of who they thought would win the league.

Last season everybody ranted and raved about Liverpool. Their fast paced, high adrenaline football created a mist around the club that made everybody think they would run away with the league title. For all the world, it looked like they would, until, inevitably, they blew up. A soccer prediction was easy mid-season as Liverpool went through a record 11 wins on the bounce. Liverpool simply didn’t have that cutting edge, killer instinct when it came to winning the league. When Liverpool failed to get the job done, Manchester City were there.

The other major competitor was Chelsea. Chelsea were everybody’s soccer prediction to win the league from the start. People fell for Jose Mourinho’s arrogant bravado and thought that this excellent squad of players would be the ones to life the trophy, especially when they beat Liverpool towards the end of the season. While people were speculating Chelsea and Liverpool, Manchester City were quietly racking up points and before anyone knew it, they were in the driving seat.

That is why you can simply never count out Manchester City when it comes to winning the Premier league, not just this year but for years to come. They are a sensible soccer prediction. The owner’s immense riches will no doubt keep a constant supply of world-class players coming into the club and now, they have the experience of winning league titles.