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German Bundesliga Predictions for the 2014-15 Season

German BundesligaThe 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil ended with Germany celebrating its fourth victory in the tournament and this brought the country back to the pinnacle of international football. Its premier domestic competition is the German Bundesliga and this has always been one of the strongest leagues in Europe. It is certainly one of the best supported, with average crowds of around 45,000 fans watching the games each week. Many of the superstars of word football play in the league and with German football on a high after its World Cup success, the 2014-15 Bundesliga season is one to look forward to.

German Bundesliga Predictions for the Champion

When it comes to Bundesliga predictions for the champions each year, one team tends to dominate and with good reason. Bayern Munich has always been the biggest team in German domestic football and they have a record of success that is second to none. The league was originally established in 1963, which means it has now been running for just over 50 years, and in this time Bayern have been champions a total of 23 times. This puts them way ahead of any of the other teams that regularly compete in the German Bundesliga standings. In the last couple of years they have been particularly dominant, winning the German Bundesliga by a massive 25 points in the 2012-13 season and an almost as impressive 19 points in 2013-14. They have a number of the recent World Cup winners in their ranks and this includes Thomas Muller, Philipp Lahm, and Bastian Schweinsteiger. Other star players include Arjen Robben of Holland and Franck Ribery of France. This gives them an extremely strong squad that is used to success and it is difficult to see them being anywhere but on top of the league at the end of the season.
The team that has been the closest challenger to Bayern Munich in recent years is Borussia Dortmund. This rise to prominence has been guided by manager Jurgen Klopp, with the club being German Bundesliga champions in 2010-11 and 2011-12, as well as ending the last two seasons as runners up. While they were expected to run Bayern closer this year, their start to the 2014-15 season has been poor and they recorded as many losses in their opening 11 games as they did in the whole of last season. With quality players in their squad such as Mats Hummels, Matthias Ginter, and Adrian Ramos, they should improve although it already seems unlikely they will repeat their success of recent years. The challenge for the title is more likely to come from teams such as Vfl Wolfsburg, Schalke 04, and Bayern Leverkusen although Bayern already lead the way in the league and its hard to see past them being crowned champions for the third year in a row.

Bundesliga Predictions for European Spots

German soccer predictions for European spots are more difficult to pin down, with a number of teams in with a shot. The top three teams at the end of the season qualify for the Champions League group stage, with the fourth placed team having to successfully negotiate a play-off round if they want to earn a place in one of the Champions League groups. The team in fifth place goes straight into the Europa League group stage and finishing sixth earns a spot in the Europa League qualifying round. So which teams are likely to be filling these places come the end of the season? The big four in German football in recent years has been Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Schalke 04 and Bayern Leverkusen. Schalke and Leverkusen have had decent starts to their seasons and it is likely they will be vying for a top four spot again. As already stated, Dortmund have been on a run of poor form although over the season they should pick up and there is every chance they will finish in the top six. Other teams likely to put in a strong challenge for a European spot include Vfl Wolfsburg and Borussia Monchengladbach, both of which started the season in impressive form. While Bayern are head and shoulders above the competition at the moment, the other teams are fairly evenly matched and any of the teams mentioned above has a decent chance of grabbing a Champions League spot. Teams with an outside chance of making it in to one of the Europa League places are considered to be 1899 Hoffenheim and Hannover 96.

German Bundesliga Relegation

The bottom two teams are relegated each year, with the clubs that come up from the second division generally being the prime candidates to drop back down again. FC Koln and SC Paderborn were the two clubs that stepped up to the German Bundesliga for the 2014-15 season. Both have shown decent early season form to sit mid-table although they are likely to be there or thereabouts when relegation is decided at the end of the season. The third bottom team enters a play off against the third top team in the second division, with the winners of this earning the right to play in the top league. Hamburger SV ended up third from bottom last season and narrowly avoided relegation by taking victory in the play off game. They have started the season poorly and are more than likely to be fighting to avoid relegation again. Other teams that might struggle include SC Freiburg and Hertha BSC. When it comes to German Bundesliga tips, Paderborn is a likely candidate to fill one of the two automatic relegation places. This is their first time ever in the Bundesliga and they are a small team that does not really have the resources to survive. The second automatic relegation place and play-off spot are likely to be fought out by the other four teams mentioned above.
So there you have some Bundesliga predictions for the 2014-15 season, which is already underway and shaping up to be a great year of football. The odds-on forecast is that Bayern Munich will make it title number 24, with the only question being how close the challengers can get to them. The race for European places is likely to involve a number of clubs and this is also true for relegation. This should provide some exciting action for those who love betting on German Bundesliga.

soccer predictions

Soccer Predictions about Premier League – The key

premier leagueAre you looking for reliable and trusted Premier League predictions that glow with pride? Is your quest on the best Premier League predictions? Reading through the rest part of this article will help you to discover Premier League predictions that count. Starting with the big hit of Chelsea vs. West Brom, the matchday is fixed for the 22nd November 2014. Chelsea presently is leading the Premier League with 29 points will host West Brom. On the other hand, West Brom is just having 13 points and away far from Chelsea. West Brom is known for giving you a fight when it matters most. Nevertheless, experts have predicted that the match will be in favor of the blues 3-1. With another storm from Everton vs. West Ham on the 22nd, November same day with the Chelsea match, a surprise is also going to be unleashed. Everton is presently occupying 10th position in the English Premier League latest table with 14 points. West Ham may not be found on the high list, but sports enthusiasts have mentioned that the fight will be strong. Even while Everton will host West Ham at Goodison Park, a surprise may still be noticed in the match. However, the fight has been ruled in favor of Everton winning slightly at 2-1.

Leicester vs. Sunderland is another shock on the 22nd, November, 2014. While Leicester is about to move to the relegation level in the league, hopes may still be found if they win the match again Sunderland. Sunderland is known for humiliating big teams, but with the annoyance of Leicester moving away from the prominent part of the FA Premier League table, new scores may still be noticed. Nevertheless, the match has been ruled to settle for a 1-1 draw. Man City vs. Swansea is going to be the clash of the titans. Without much deliberation, Man City is just three points above Swansea and this bet will be an outstanding one of the season. Swansea has started well this season without giving up the fight. A win from Man City will get them back on with the Premier League. Nevertheless, the match held in Etihad Stadium will finally end in a 2-2 draw. Still, on the 22nd, November, an angry match will be held in St. James’ Park involving Newcastle vs QPR. With no doubt, this is going to be a war. No EPL predictions can be found for this match. If you can cast back your mind on QPR vs. Chelsea, then the picture is clear as this. Newcastle will host QPR, but this should be with care. QPR is always known for its strong fighting spirit when it comes to issues concerning the big horns. However, experts mention that the war will still favor Newcastle slight with a 2-1 win.

Right in Britannia Stadium on the 22nd, November a scroll will be settled with one great team that is about going relegated with another strong-looking club called Stoke. Even while Stoke hosts the fight, Burnley will not come there for a joke says the football experts. Stoke is just beneath Newcastle and above Everton while Burnley is least on the Premier League table 2015. This is going to be another hot game that many calls indecisive one. Above all odds, the match has been seen by the experts to end in favor of Stoke 2-1. If there is a match not to miss on the 22nd, November 2014, Arsenal vs. Man Utd should be the catch. Just a point difference is the main scroll to be settled. With Arsenal looking belligerent to host Man Utd, this time, it is going to be a big fight. Even will Man Utd have been experiencing several issues this season, experts claimed that the match will end up a 2-2 draw. This is simply because Man Utd will want to claim an opportunity to stand out while Arsenal will fight back. However, this will keep the match at an equal pace ending 2-2.

The battle for the Premier League continues…

Sunday, 23rd, November 2014, another great fight will be noticed by a match that was formerly scheduled for 22nd. In Selhurst Park, Crystal Palace vs. Liverpool will be another great feeling for the fans. With Liverpool ahead of Palace five points, it is never going to be easy as well. From ramifications of surveys, the experts mention that Palace will claim their three points with a 2-1 win. Liverpool still on the brag mention that the worst will be a draw. If Palace can take up their lead in the first 45 minutes of the match, then peradventure that the scores end up as predicted. Still, on the same day, Hull will be hosting Spurs at The KC Stadium. Spurs with a great dream to reign, but Hull supporters claim the fight will be settled amicably. Amicably in the sense that Hull will claim their victory over the strong Spurs. However, match experts have finally placed a 1-1 for the Hull vs. Spurs game.

On the 24th, November, 2014, Aston Villa vs. Southampton is another exciting match to watch out for. Though, the match was formerly scheduled for 22nd, November, but will finally be played on the 24th. Southampton is a great team to watch out for in the Premier League this season. This is a fire-for-fire team with promising outcome of their matches. With all clamors about Aston Villa good attackers, match experts claim they will finally end up with a 2-2 draw.

So, what are the final Premier League predictions 2014?

The deal about the Premier League this season is really great. Excitement has been the order of the day because several teams are showing up different looks and Barclays Premier League picks are not easy. It is no longer an affair of the big horns as any team could defeat its counterpart cheaply. Nevertheless, Chelsea, Southampton, Man City and West Ham have occupied the first four positions clearly. There are several matches ahead before anyone can claim supremacy over other teams. If things continue to remain this way, it is clear that Chelsea may emerge the champions. Jose Mourinho is not allowing a chance to be lost based on his good preparation for the season. However, other teams in the Premier League may spark up at the later end of the season. Premier League’s picture is a clear evidence of how teams have been prepared before time. More excitement will continue to reign in the Premier League table this season.

4 Common Pitfalls to Avoid in Football Betting

How to avoid common mistakes

Football betting should be established on firm facts, not mere good fortune. How many times have you picked up your fellow football fan cry of losing big amounts of wagers? Probably after every major match. I bet you don’t want to lose your cash too. If you really desire to win and win big on football betting, here are some of the most common mistakes you should not make.

Never bet on teams you know anything about
Exotic matches are always exciting and the pressure to bet on such teams is always high. Before you place your bet, you should ask yourself one question: what do you know about the teams, players, the referees and the coaches? If you know nothing, then don’t bet. It is always so frustrating to find out that the best players for the team are out because of an injury or the goalkeeper they had last season transferred to another team. Often by the time you are finding out all this information, it’s too late, your bet is already gone. Researching the teams and knowing them well is very helpful in football betting. It will not guarantee you 100% win, but it increases your chances of winning.

Bet as much money as you can afford to lose
This does not only apply to football betting, but to any other form of gambling. However, the pressure of placing a bet with your last coin with the hope of winning is always high. This makes this rule the hardest keep. Before you place your bet, you should take the time to establish exactly how much you can afford to lose. Only bet on this amount, not a cent more. This makes the experience more enjoyable. Even if you lost, you will not leave dead broke.

Following advice from other people
You will meet football fans who are always willing to give you advice. More often than not, they claim the information will bring you a fortune. Be cautious of such people. Whether this person claims to have used a magical formula to arrive at the team that will win, read from sports magazines or through observation, never trust them. The question that you should be asking yourself at this point is: If this information is correct, why is the person giving it out? If I will make money on this information, shouldn’t the person be using it to make money?
Whether you choose to follow the advice or not, never make a bet solely based on this advice. Above all, never pay for such information. Sometimes following your own instincts is the best way to go.

Taking it too seriously
Have fun while betting. This is what makes the whole experience fun and worthwhile. If you take it too seriously, you will go home sad and frustrated. However, if you take it easy, you will always afford a smile at the end of the match, even if it did not do the way you wanted.

There you have it. If you avoid the above common mistakes made in football betting, you are more likely to nail your bet. Remember not all days will be sunny, some matches will not go how you expected. Have fun betting.

Sports betting strategies

Sports betting strategies and tips about football

Sports betting strategies and tips

Online football betting is increasing in popularity. There is also emergence in betting markets, sports betting strategies that can be utilized to make a huge profit margin. This is especially true in the long-run since punter wants to make profit at the end of the league. There are a number of new betting techniques that emerge in the betting industry every so often. Every once in a while, everybody online requires better expert advice in order to increase his chances of winning.

Sports betting strategiesIt is why soccer tips came to increase you chances of winning are a very helpful resource. Players who are new to the world of betting can hugely benefit from good management of their betting funds. More experienced betting players can also benefit immensely from betting tips. Their experience coupled with new betting strategies can go a long way in increasing their chances of winning. Some of these useful free betting tips include spread betting or even betting exchanges. These have the effect of increasing your chances of winning while at the same time reducing the risk when betting.

More betting techniques

Betting tips help to point out special features, popular betting strategies and the best betting techniques that if paid attention to, will significantly increase your winnings. Every once in a while, taking on a different style of betting can be profitable if what you are currently doing isn’t working for you. We have betting experts who are ready to offer you expert advice if you require this to move forward. Our experts have thorough knowledge on every betting style and technique in the market. They know the best way to make a positive impact on your winnings.

Important betting strategies

It is also important to note that even if you have all the expert betting sites and soccer tips, nobody guarantees long-term profits even if you closely follow every winning strategy. There is always the element of luck that is present in every soccer bet and all you can do is to increase your chances of winning. One of the best sports betting systems is to carefully consider all the points that you agree with and apply these to your bets. Football betting tips are for both amateurs and professionals and every sport betting technique that work always has a helpful tip that you can utilize.

Football Betting

Football betting tips: Easy tricks that can help

How To have Successful Football Betting Tips

If you are a football fan, then you know how important that weekend match is. You know that you will do everything possible to watch that game. It doesn’t matter whether it is your team playing or not. All that matters is that you watch that beautiful game. Deep inside, though, you always predict results. Through the experience you’ve had in the past, you can easily predict the team that is going to win. Why don’t you use your football betting tips to earn money? You can do this by simply betting on the best betting sites. A good way is to test on a pice of paper any new system you have in mind. This way you will not have to pay anything in advance but only to test it. In order to be successful, you need to use the best free betting advice for betting.

Free football picks will not only help you bet wisely, but also get your prediction right. you have to carefully judge everything you hear. Remember, in betting what matters is your opinion. If your opinion is right, you win a lot of money. If your prediction is not right, you will lose money. When you use football betting tips available, you simply increase your chances of winning.

Previous matches: Crucial factor in our prediction

One of the ways to ensure that you bet wisely is by looking into the history of the teams playing. History has a way of repeating itself, although sometimes it is rewritten. Looking into the past results, therefore, can help you make right choice. The good thing is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for this information. On your preferred soccer betting site, you will get this information for free. All you need is to go through the information before making the final decision.

football betting tipsAnother thing to look at is recent statistics of the teams playing. You need to look at how the two teams playing have been performing in their recent matches. Through those statistics, you can always predict whether a team is likely to win or not. If for instance a team has been winning most of its recent matches, you may conclude that it will win its next match. This will depend on other factors, though. For instance, it may depend on the strength of its next opponent.

Tricks for accurate football tips

Other football betting tips for betting to use is home and away matches. Most teams tend to be dangerous when playing at home. This is because home fans demand more from them. Because of this, most teams are energized whenever in front of home fans. Away matches are not always easy. Teams playing away are always intimidated by fans. Before betting, therefore, it is good to establish the team that is playing away and home. Be careful, though, not to use this as the only determinant. You also need to look at the strength of the team before concluding. For instance, if Barcelona is playing Granada away, Barcelona is likely to win because of its strength. On the other hand, if Granada is playing against Almeria at home, Granada will have an upper hand since they are almost at the same level.

Think before you select your football tips

From the above, you can understand that football tips for betting are the ones you know. You only need to look further into them before making decisions. You don’t need to rush. Take your time to balance all the crucial factors before you decide. If you use these tips to make football picks, you will reap handsomely from your efforts. So stop being just a football fan and start reaping from it. You will see that football betting can easily pay your bills.

football betting

Football betting predictions: Make money while having fun

Football betting predictions : Win and have fun

It is no doubt that football is one of the most followed sports in the world today. If you are a football follower, you know how exciting it is to follow various football matches. That’s why you probably wouldn’t miss a match for anything. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, you go home empty handed. What’s more, you always get angry when a team you are supporting loses. What if you turned those frustrations into money? What if you made football your harvesting hub? With good football betting predictions, it is all possible now.

football betting predictionsFootball betting gives you a chance to earn big with football. This is a way of earning money while enjoying your favorite team play. All you have to do is to predict the outcome of various matches. Just as you predict all the time the team that is likely to win, betting also requires you to do the same. Once you’ve predicted the team that is going to win, you are done. In fact, once you’ve committed your football tips, your money is on the way. If the team you placed your money on wins, you win too. Simply, you win to predict right. How about that?

Key in football betting predictions

The beauty about sports betting is that it is straightforward. You don’t have to worry about computers doing some stuff to bring results. In fact, the procedure of getting results is never hidden. Once you’ve placed a bet on a certain team, you only wait and see. If your prediction is right, there is no negotiation. You get your money there and then. This means that winning is entirely on your hands.

Another thing about soccer betting is that it is fun. This is an exercise that you wouldn’t have to struggle in order to win. It is an exercise that you have fun even as you do it. In addition, it is an exercise that you can do from anywhere in the world. On the same note, betting can be done at any given time of the day or night. Basically, this is an exercise that is sweat less. You don’t have to compromise anything in order to bet. All you need is your prediction, and the rest will follow.

Finally, Football betting is easy. You don’t need to be an engineer or scientist to make football tips and predictions. As long as you follow football, it is easy to predict. What’s more, there are different teams playing at different levels. You don’t have to predict on a team that you don’t know its performance well. You can always bet on the team that you understand very well. The good thing is that there are a lot of options available. This means that you wouldn’t get it hard to predict the winner. In the long-run, winning becomes easier than first thought.

The clue in football betting tips

One final thing, though. It is good to bet on the best soccer betting websites. Although football betting is easier, fun and profitable, it can turn out to be frustrating if you bet from bad betting sites. You need to do your homework to ensure that you only pick the best. When doing this, it is good to focus on various factors such as customer care service, reputation, and finances. A good betting website to bet from is the one that has a competitive customer care service and a great track record. A good Football betting predictions site also makes it easier and faster for you to deposit and withdraw your money.

Football betting is fun. Don’t forget it