Scotland Premiership – Partick Thistle vs St Mirren 19/09/2014

Partick Thistle as a tornado confirmed our tips and forced the excellent Inverness to their first defeat for this season 3-1. Guests started the match with momentum and psychology of a pioneer, took the lead in the 13th minute, but since then there was only one team on the field, with Partick dominating and creating a lot of chances. The final score 3-1 fully rewards the effort of Archibald’s players who thereby partially covered the lost points from home defeat 1-2 to newly promoted Hamilton.

This season Partick seems to rely too much on home games, something that has been pointed out by Archibald. Of course all these arise from their last year’s improbable record when they managed to celebrate their first home three pointer in February. This year, they have started with a record of 2 (wins) -0 (draws) -1 (loss) while they totally have gathered 7 points with 2 (wins) -1(draw) -2(loss) record. In the last 5 games they have seen 3 over 2.5 goals scored, while in all of their games there have been scored at least two goals.

Against Kilmarnock, St Mirren also did not manage to celebrate their first point, recording the fifth defeat in 5 games and began to stick dangerously from very early in the bottom of the standings. Although they equalized Mouirhead’s goal in 63’ relatively fast (just 8 minutes later), they failed to keep the point conceding a goal in 82’ and in fact the superior Kilmarnock lost an important chance to “finish” the game in the remaining minutes.

They not only count 5 out of 5 defeats so far in the Premier and stand in last place along with the equally tragic Ross County but additionally the goal they scored at Rugby Park was the first of the season as well as they record a total individual score 1 (goal scored) -9 (goals conceded)! Certainly the problem that they always concede goals, even in the intermediate winning game for the League Cup 2-1 against Dunfermline in the Championship, remains unsolved.