Italy Serie A – Roma vs Verona 27/09/2014

Roma news:

They made the easy things difficult at ‘Ennio Tardini”. Preceded in the 27′ with the goal from Ljajic after a fantastic assist from Totti. They got drawn in 55′ by De Ceglie and while they had lost a lot of chances to make the score 0-2, eventually Pjanic gave the solution with a tremendous kick in 88’. Roma conceded their first goal of the season, but the fact is that they achieved the “5 out of 5” proving that their quality roster has the solutions to the injury problems.

Next Tuesday they face Manchester City in England in the second game day of the Champions League groups.

Today is a great day for Francesco Totti, who reaches the 38 years and naturally he’ll be deified by the tifosi of “giallorossi”, although Garcia probably may not use him at all, due to the upcoming match against Man.City.

“I do not think that my players will think over the game against Manchester City. They did not that even before the match against CSKA Moscow. Currently we only think about Verona. The other teams do not concern us. I do not believe that this year’s championship will be determined at 100 points, because there are many teams to fight for the title. Totti is a power of nature. There is no need to tell him his real age. He thinks he’s still 28 years old and we believe the same too. The fact that he reached up here is due to his tremendous professionalism” Rudi Garcia said.

Verona news:

Verona did not gave up despite losing 2-0 at “Bentegodi” to Genoa in 48′. They reduced the score with a goal by Panagiotis Tachtsidis in 52′ and equalized by Ionita in 64′. The Moldavian scored for the second successive game day.

“My team never gives up,” said Andrea Mandorlini proudly.

“I hope Totti will celebrate his 38 years after the game and not during it. Roma are a very good team and have greatly reduce the difference from Juventus. However, the latter is accustomed to win” said Verona’s coach.