German Bundesliga – Borussia Dortmund vs Stuttgart 24/09/2014


Borussia Dortmund news:

By conceding a goal in the first half, losing a penalty in 70′ to tie and ending with an own goal in the 74′, they completed a bad night at Mainz and finally lost 2-0.

It makes no sense to say that they were better than their opponent. These games hide such traps. Klopp’s team lacked freshness and pure mind. “We deserved to lose,” said the coach of the Westphalian. Tragic splurge was Immobile by losing a penalty, as well as Ginter with an own goal.

Generally these two newcomers have not yet stuck with the team. It remains to be seen if Dortmund is going to react with a good appearance, as they use to do after a negative result.

Stuttgart news:

The first victory did not come neither in the 5th official game. They had no substance in the game, only meaningless superiority. Guests had the way to score; they did so twice and won easily (2-0).

Armin Veh is supposed to return to put an order in Swabian but for now things have not changed at all. Four games without a win, which is missing for five months, only one goal in assets and not to forget the exclusion in the Cup at the beginning of the season.

Everything is going badly, in the worst start of Stuttgart in the last 15 years.

“I’d imagined things differently,” Veh admitted, but promised immediate improvement.

In order to regain this, the team must finally play more rationally in the attack, begin creating real chances and of course score.