German Bundesliga – Bayer Leverkusen vs Augsburg 24/09/2014


Bayer Leverkusen news:

The game at Wolfsburg went wrong from the beginning. Unfortunately, a penalty and a red card in the 8th minute were given against them who tied the score in 29′. They could not stand strongly in the game and lost 4-1.

The last ten days were the worst for the “aspirins”, which after the draw 3-3 to Werder Bremen, they defeated to Monaco in the Champions League and on Sunday they lost to “wolves” too. There is a mini crisis in the ‘aspirins’ club and they have to react calmly. Here we’ll see the skills of Roger Schmidt who must lift up the psychology of his players.

The match against Werder happens once in a time, they were unlucky at Monaco where they could not score and at Wolfsburg it was the bad luck too. If they look at it this way they’ll walk further, otherwise they will continue having bad psychology.

Augsburg news:

Although they were found themselves back in the score from the start of the game (3′) in the home game against Werder, although the latter replied in the overthrow by equalizing, Augsburg did not stuck and gained the victory 4-2.

Second consecutive win for Markus Weinzierl’s players who found their way just after the moment they were playing offensively.

The system works well having Molders at the top and Bobadilla at the wings, since most players enter the box and this way Augsburg becomes more threatening. Without having any pressure in the match against Leverkusen, Weinzierl appeared very optimistic.