England Championship – Blackburn vs Derby 17/09/2014

English championship

Blackburn last news:

From the second match onwards, wins and defeats were alternated.

On Saturday, they were back at score in 51′, but reacted immediately by changing the “flow” of the match with two goals in 53′ and 56′. In 82′ they finalized their win.

“I’m very happy about the way we reacted when we were behind in the score. We showed confidence against a great opponent. We have many young players in the team and it is important to build confidence through such results, “said Bowyer.

Derby last news:

They were satisfied with the 1-1 at the derby against Nottingham. In fact, none of the two groups risked to do anything more. Derby FC stayed back in the score in 72′, equalized in 80′ and was found with a player less in 87′.

It was the second successive 1-1 draw, while yet they have not won in their away matches counting 2 draws and one defeat.