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VPS vs MYPA – Finland Division 1 27/06/2014

VPS news:

VPS started the championship hopeful, recording three wins. But then some unexpected injuries came and the drop gradually began. Even so, in the first 11 games they had only two defeats, until this “full” June came and successive defeats arrived without being able to find the net.

MYPA news:

June did not go well for either ‘MYPA‘, which however we believe will eventually finish in the top half of the standings. In the last 5 away games they have only gathered one point. In the last 4 of them MYPA suffered a first-half goal.

Apart from the 1-1 of the first round’s match, they met their current opponent in a match for the Finnish League Cup in March, where they lost 3-0.

Ecuador vs France 0-0 – 26 June 2014

Ecuador vs France

Ecuador excluded after a 0-0 draw against France, who were qualified at the first position and now they will face Nigeria.

France and Ecuador drew without scoring in the “Marakana” stadium, so “The Blues” finished on top and will play against Nigeria in the next phase, while Ecuador was excluded.

The match had no score but it had many tough phases and one red card for Antonio Valencia at 50′, making the total attempt even more difficult for Ecuador.

Even a 1-0 defeat, would not give them the qualification, as they had to win by two goals difference after Swiss’s victory against Iran (3-0).

Argentina at the top of their group – 26/06/2014

Following the most common World Cup predictions, Argentina topped the group with only victories, as well as they won Nigeria (3-2), having Messi as a lonely protagonist who scored twice and caught Neymar at the top leading scorers.

Argentina won Nigeria 3-2 and won the first place in the 6th group, making the absolute record of winning twice, after Netherlands and Colombia.

In fact they won for the fourth straight time in the World Cup group the specific opponent.

Lionel Messi was the star, who scored twice, reached the 4 in organization and grabbed Neymar the top of the list of scorers.

So, Argentina at the top of their group easily.

Nigeria won the second place, as for their opponents for the phase of “16”,  they will be known later after the completion of the fifth group.



Queiroz: “Messi and the referee specified the result”

The head coach of the Iranian National team, Carlos Queiroz, had many complaints about the arbitration, after his team’s defeat to Argentina.

Carlos Queiroz recognized the quality of Lionel Messi. He handed out congratulations to the players, however, he did not fail to turn his arrows to the Serbian referee Milorad Mazic after the end of the match between Iran and Argentina.

“I am very pleased with the performance of my players, I could not be disappointed. We gave a lesson of maturity. Two people made the difference. The first one is the referee and the second is Lionel Messi.” Said Carlos Queiroz, head coach of national team of Iran.

Klose is ready to the top – 22/06/2014

Miroslav Klose scored his 15th goal in a World Cup match and grabbed the top of the list relative Ronaldo who welcomed him.

He may not be the best striker we have seen, but his relationship with the rival nets is at the very least erotic and that was proved during the game against Ghana. Miroslav Klose even if he is at 36 , he remains a formidable scorer and he showed that in the first chance was presented.

The German striker entered the match at 69′ and in the first contact with the ball tied the score at 2-2.

This goal, beyond the point that was given to Germany, has historical significance for the player. Klose reached five goals in the World Cup and is along with Ronaldo on the top of the list of scorers of all time along!

The game of fate for Ronaldo and Klose.

For those who believe in the language of numbers and fate, this was probably meant to happen in the match against Ghana.

Ronaldo had reached 15 goals in the match against Ghana in the World Cup 2006 which was held in Germany. From his side, Klose scored his 15th goal against Ghana too, in the World Cup in Brazil.


Details of the top five in the list of scorers:

Player Country Goals
Ronaldo Brazil 15
Klose Germany 15
Muller Germany 14
Fontaine France 13
Pele Brazil 12

Drogba: “The feeling when of the national team”

Players of Cote d’Ivoire declare to be united in view of the future matches of the African team in the World Cup.

Talking in the website of FIFA, players of Cote d’Ivoire talked about the pride they feel when playing with the jersey of their national team.

“There is always a special feeling when we are in the national team. Existing and new players are tied. The atmosphere is different compared to the clubs we play. We have the same behavior and the same mentality. We have come to Brazil and have to work hard. Cote d ivoire have to play as a team and to be focused. ”

Rooney: “I do extra training on my own”

“I do extra training on my own”

The England international striker, Wayne Rooney has revealed that he made and continues to make extra individual training beyond these of the national team in order to be as ready as possible.

The discussion on Wayne Rooney’s possible withdrawal from the basic lineup of the national team of England against Uruguay may have started on the Island, but the Manchester United striker revealed that he is doing extra individual training after the end of the group’s,  in order to be as ready as possible. ”

“Sometimes I wonder what does the press realizes. I have said from the beginning that I want to do everything to be ready for the World Cup games. Part of this, is the extra training I did for a week, before the group gathered for the World Cup. That’s exactly what I did yesterday, my extra training because this is what I want to do, “said Wayne Rooney in response to rumors that wants him not to be ready and a philology about an impending replacement of the starting lineup for the upcoming match of the national team of England against Uruguay.

Barcelona is a breath away of Higuain 16/06/2014

Too close to the acquisition of Gonzalo Higuain are the “blaugrana” who have not agreed yet with Napoli.

For the first time since the experiment with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, FC Barcelona is determined to add in its club a top striker. In the face of Gonzalo Higuain, Luis Enrique sees the perfect No.9, so the “blaugrana” have speed up the procedures.

According to “Marca” the Argentine has agreed to almost everything with the Catalans and the only thing left is to find the golden mean between the two groups. Until now Napoli has not light up the green light, but they are close to say “Yes”.

We remind you that “partenopei” have acquired the 26 year-old a year ago by giving Real Madrid 40 million Euros.

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Manchester City announced Bacary Sagna 16/06/2014

Bacary Sagna will follow the way set by Emmanuel Adebayor, Kolo Toure, Gael Clichy and Samir Nasri  in recent years. The big difference is that unlike all the others he left as a free player from Arsenal in order to sign to Manchester City.

The “Gunners” failed to persuade him to renew, since their desire was not to give him the contract he asked, which was finally made by the City. So the player signed for the “citizens” who announced his transfer on Friday.

“Manchester City is pleased to announce that Bacary Sagna will be at the club for the next season. The 31-year-backs will complete his transfer by signing a three-year contract after the World Cup in Brazil, in which is located with France national team” states among alia by the announcement, which informs that the Frenchman will have the No. 3 on his jersey.

Lost penalties that remained in history

Everyone has moments that do not want to remember and one of them is a lost penalty. Check out some of the lost penalties in the World Cup history that have not been forgotten with the passage of time.

There are not only heroes that stay etched in the minds of football fans. Even the often fateful stay unforgettable. Those who make a mistake and their team losses a very big target.  In this category are those who have failed in a penalty.

As there are the most beautiful goals in the World Cup, thus there are decisive lost penalties, those that have remained in history, those that have “hurt” entire countries.

Roberto Baggio, 1994

He is one of the best players who have ever played in the World Cup, however, he will always be linked to the missing penalty against Brazil in the final of 1994. “Squadra azzurra” would not have probably reached the final without him, however, the Italian took the title of the fateful, in a scene that came to be and advertising. Later he said “I never wanted to avoid my responsibilities.”

Chris Waddle, 1990

England came a breath from the World Cup final in 1990. Their opponent in the semifinals was West Germany, which got drawn by Lineker, having scored first with Brehme. Eventually everything judged in the penalties, the nightmare of the “Three Lions”. Stuart Pearce was the first who missed. Shortly after Chris Waddle had the opportunity to keep England in the game of qualifying, but his penalty kick was disappointing.

Maxime Bossis, 1982

One of the most impressive games in the history of the event is the semi-final of 1982 between West Germany and France. The game went into extra time with the “Tricolore” to take a lead of two goals and the “Panzer” to respond immediately. The two teams went to the penalties where both of them lost one. In sudden death, however, Hrubesch scored, in contrast to Bossis

David Batty, 1998

There could be many other Englishmen in this category, since their relationship to the penalties is known. One of the most memorable games is that of Argentina against England in 1998. Firstly, it was the goal from Owen and then Beckham’s sent-off. Even on penalties the agony was in the vertical. The two groups had lost one and Batty should equalize for continuity. However, the English viewed once again their National be excluded due to lost penalties.

Asamoah Gyan, 2010

Uruguay and Ghana are battling for a ticket to the semifinals. Both know that they are given a great opportunity, because the opponent is not unbeatable. The game is on a tightrope, the teams go to extra time, but then neither of them seems to be able to resolve their differences. Until the last chance of the extra time when Suarez saves a sure goal but he commits penalty. Ghana can produce history after she is given the opportunity to become the first African team to go into the semi-finals of the tournament, though, Gyan misses the penalty kick and his team loses in the penalty kicks although he was impactful.

Obviously, there must be a lot of lost penalties in football history but the most important are shown above.