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Italy Serie A – Milan vs Chievo

Milan news:

What we all suspect that will happen after the first two wins of the ‘Rossoneri’ over Lazio and Parma made its appearance. The ‘Rossoneri’ are landing slowly in the harsh reality. After the draw 2-2 in Empoli, they also remained in draw 1-1 in Cesena, score that was formed from the 19′, with their defense presenting a very bad image again. In 73′ they were left with a player less due to Zapata’s sent-off.

Silvio Berlusconi was present in the last training before tonight’s game against Chievo”.

Menez was trained normally, but I have not come yet if whether to use him or not and for how many minutes. We want the help of our funs to get back to winning ways. We will not underestimate Chievo, which should not be forgotten that defeated in Naples. Having seven strikers in the roster, it is logical that my team starts the match with four. But we must have patience” Filippo Inzaghi said.

Chievo news:

They failed to get the win in the third game of the year in “Bentegkonti’ staying in 1-1 against Empoli. They scored by Metzorini in 50′, but got drawn nine minutes later. They could even be beaten in the finale. With the sole exception of the away win in “San Paulo” over Napoli Eugenio Corrine’s team moves this year in shallow water, consequence of the many changes in the roster this summer.

“We have shown that we are capable of creating problems against great teams and we want to achieve that against AC Milan too. I believe we can do that” said Chievo’s coach.

Italy Serie A – Verona vs Cagliari

Verona news:

Verona were limited to passive a role at “Olimpico” against Roma having only one good chance in the first half. They kept zero until 75′, then the opponent had a shoot at the post while the final score was formed in 87′. Andrea Mandorlini admitted the superiority of ‘ giallorossi ‘ saying that the latter along with Juventus are on another level.

“We want to get back to winning results. I want more goals from Tony, who is a very good striker. I watched Cagliari against Inter and I can say that I was impressed. Zeman’s teams always know how to attack. For me, Zeman is a conductor” said Verona’s coach.

Cagliari news:

Questions about whether Zdenek Zeman can do the job or not, were answered with a deafening way at Milan. The skilled coach led the Sardinians to the triumphant 4-1 against Inter Milan, score that was formed from the first half. In 43′ Cossu lost a penalty too.

“The victory over Inter has given psychology to us and will help us for the difficult continuity, however I did not like the way we played in the second half. Verona is a good team that has started the season well. I appreciate Tachtsidis and if he does not play, it will be an important absence for them” said Cagliari’s coach.

Italy Serie A – Atalanta vs Juventus 27/09/2014

Atalanta news:

They were fairly defeated 2-0 to Inter Milan. In 30′ Sportiello confirmed his exceptional form by fending off Palacio’s penalty. Ten minutes later he could do nothing in unbelievable kick from Osvaldo. The “bergamaschi” pressed in the second half, lost chances to equalize, but in 87′ Hernanes finalized the score.

“If we had equalized with the chances we lost, everything would be different,” said Stefano Colantuono. “Juventus and Roma are the two best teams in the category and it is difficult to deal with them. The only way to have chances is to play offensively. We start from the last good appearances, although the results were not corresponding” claimed the coach of Atalanta.

Juventus news:

They needed the help of referee Giacomelli who gave a nonexistent penalty in 18′ and Juventus scored. Vidal in 64′ doubled his personal goals and his team, while the final 3-0 was formed by Lichtsteiner in 85′.

They achieved the “5 out of 5” holding the zero in the defense for 7th consecutive match in Serie A.

Buffon said that it will be difficult for the team to repeat last year’s success.

On Wednesday, they travel to Madrid for the difficult match against Atletico.

“We must be serious, because in Bergamo no one wins easily. Firstly we need to get the three points today and then think about the games against Atletico Madrid and Roma. However, I do not believe that the match against Roma will be decisive. I want to get the victories and points. The spectacle is not by concern” Massimiliano Allegri said.

Italy Serie A – Roma vs Verona 27/09/2014

Roma news:

They made the easy things difficult at ‘Ennio Tardini”. Preceded in the 27′ with the goal from Ljajic after a fantastic assist from Totti. They got drawn in 55′ by De Ceglie and while they had lost a lot of chances to make the score 0-2, eventually Pjanic gave the solution with a tremendous kick in 88’. Roma conceded their first goal of the season, but the fact is that they achieved the “5 out of 5” proving that their quality roster has the solutions to the injury problems.

Next Tuesday they face Manchester City in England in the second game day of the Champions League groups.

Today is a great day for Francesco Totti, who reaches the 38 years and naturally he’ll be deified by the tifosi of “giallorossi”, although Garcia probably may not use him at all, due to the upcoming match against Man.City.

“I do not think that my players will think over the game against Manchester City. They did not that even before the match against CSKA Moscow. Currently we only think about Verona. The other teams do not concern us. I do not believe that this year’s championship will be determined at 100 points, because there are many teams to fight for the title. Totti is a power of nature. There is no need to tell him his real age. He thinks he’s still 28 years old and we believe the same too. The fact that he reached up here is due to his tremendous professionalism” Rudi Garcia said.

Verona news:

Verona did not gave up despite losing 2-0 at “Bentegodi” to Genoa in 48′. They reduced the score with a goal by Panagiotis Tachtsidis in 52′ and equalized by Ionita in 64′. The Moldavian scored for the second successive game day.

“My team never gives up,” said Andrea Mandorlini proudly.

“I hope Totti will celebrate his 38 years after the game and not during it. Roma are a very good team and have greatly reduce the difference from Juventus. However, the latter is accustomed to win” said Verona’s coach.

Lazio vs Bologna – Italy Serie A 18/05/2014

Lazio vs Bologna

Lazio news:

Lazio started the derby ideally against Inter Milan taking the lead just in the second minute of the match. They were betrayed quickly from the mistakes of their defense and found to lose 3-1 at the end of the first half. After this defeat they definitively lost any hope to claim the expense in Europe.

“We conceded 3 identical goals” Edoardo Reja claimed and continued saying “We believed in the expense in Europe but we did not managed that. Injuries and punishments cost us, as well as the failures we had in our home matches”.

Bologna news:

With their performances in the second round they were heading quickly for relegation. That was confirmed by the recent home defeat to Catania, even if they were playing with an extra player from the 29′  to the 84′ minute of the match.

“I am deeply sad” Davide Ballardini claimed, who considers crucial period for the team’s relegation, the period of January: “The other teams bought from 3 to 12 players. We  required 4 – 5  transfers but unlikely this, Diamanti left the team. “

Chievo vs Inter -Italy Serie A 18/05/2014

Chievo vs Inter

Chievo news:

They found it difficult enough but finally they managed to win Cagliari thanks to Dainelli’s goal in 72′ minute. They secured their position in Serie A in relation with Livorno’s and Bologna’s defeats.

Eugenio Corini was very happy and congratulated his players for their success. The team’s  management determined reduced ticket prices for the match against Inter Milan in order to attract more fans and celebrate the happy end of the season.

Corini was delighted at press conference. “This was the second rescue for the team having me on the bench and i am very happy about that. “

Inter news:

They were losing to Lazio from the very first minutes but they quickly scored three goals up to the end of the first half. The final score (4-1) secured them mathematically in fifth place and gave them the ticket for the Uefa Europa League for the next season , after an absence of one year.

Emotion was prevailed for the great captain’s last goodbye, Javier Zanetti, who experienced unprecedented glorification from everyone in the stadium.

Walter Mazzarri abstained from the press conference and was replaced by Piero Auzilio. The athletic director confirmed that Mazzarri will be on the bench of Inter Milan for the next season, while made known that Samuel’s and Cambiasso’s contracts will not be renewed.