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Botafogo vs Palmeiras – Brazil Serie A

Botafogo vs Palmeiras

Botafogo vs Palmeiras

Botafogo Brazil news

The three-day crisis ended with a defeat in El Salvador by Vitoria. Botafogo were down due to a silly penalty in 52′, equalized after a mistake of the opponent’s defense in 68′, but in 74′ they conceded a second goal, losing the match fairly.

This was the second consecutive defeat for the “fogao”, who fell in the penultimate position, paying the many out-field problems.

Palmeiras FC news:

Having Valdivia in the lineup, as he was vindicated in the appeal on the day of the match, Palmeiras found themselves losing in 41′ to Chapecoense, but in the second half they were excellent and scored four goals from 50′ to 70′. The opponent reduced in 92′.

They take advantage of their home in the last games, a development that took them out of the hot zone, however the defensive weaknesses are more noticeable than ever.

It will be a difficult match against Botafogo and Palmeiras know that.

Coritiba vs Criciuma – Brasil Serie A

Coritiba vs Criciuma – Brasil Serie A

Coritiba news:

Midfielder Elder scored one of the best goals in the league in 46′ and gave the victory over Atletico Paranaense. Without being better, they celebrated a great result in a match in which they were more time in danger rather than they threatened.

Huge scoring and psychological boost for Marquinhos Santos’s team , which won after three consecutive defeats, but remain in the last position.

Criciuma news:

In one of the year’s best performances, they managed to celebrate a very valuable victory. Preceded in 6′, got drawn in 13′ by Atletico Mineiro, but regained the lead in 19′. The final 3-1 was enrolled in 61′, in a match in which the opponent has complaints from arbitration.

First win after four games and a deep scoring breath Gilmar Dal Pozzo’s team, in the battle to avoid relegation.

Brazil Serie A – Palmeiras vs Vitoria 25/09/2014

Palmeiras news:

Veteran Lucio and former football player Victorino won easily the youngsters of Goias, with an unbelievable 6 goal score written on the stadium’s board. Dorival Junior had the bright idea to make three changes in 46′(4-0). They had an injury and a sent off in the second half, which resulted in a completely black scenario for “verdao.”

Palmeiras blamed Ricardo Gareca for all the mistakes, and now “verdao” is a laggard for sure, who pay for the very poor planning that the management had made since the beginning of the season.

Vitoria news:

They were taken aback by Bahia in 6′, but they equalized the score quickly, with a set-play (9′). In the 80 minutes that followed they were the best team, reaching a fair victory at “Classico” of El Salvador, in which they also had two shoots at the post. The winning goal was scored in 53 ‘.

Second consecutive win and third out of the last four games for Ney Franco’s team, which nevertheless remains in last place.

Brazil Serie A – Botafogo vs Goias 25/09/2014

Botafogo news:

Lucky at Santa Catarina, they preceded with a penalty in 37′, but got drawn in the same way from Criciuma in 68′. A goal of their opponents did not count wrongly when the score was 1-1, which maintained until the end and was unfair to Criciuma.

They got their first point after four consecutive games, with Vagner Mancini gaining time on the bench. However they maintain under the relegation zone and must subsequently generate positive results, in order to disengage early from the battle to avoid relegation.

Goias news:

They had a party with the unacceptable defense of Palmeiras, preceded 4-0 before half-time, while they added two more goals in the second half, giving large dimensions to their victory (6-0) and scoring with six different players.

After two consecutive defeats, Ricardo Drubscky’s team returned to victories in the best way, maintaining a safe distance from the last four teams.

Brazil Serie A – Sport Recife vs Palmeiras 20/08/2014

Sport Recife news:

The home game against Atletico Paranaense was balanced, with many mistakes in midfield.

Sport Recife were taken aback and were back at the score in 25′ but they were fortunate enough to equalize before the end of the first half. In the second half they created a few chances but the final draw (1-1) is fair.

For a third consecutive game the team of Eduardo Baptista failed to convince with their performance and remains without a win this time.

Palmeiras news:

A former player of Palmeiras hurt them, the striker Alan Kardec, who scored the winning goal at Sao Paulo in 89′. They had equalized with a penalty in 60 min, but were unable to leave with a good result, in a match in which they lost due to injury midfielder Valdivia in 20′.

They have completed nine games without a win and remain without a three-pointer from the time the team was taken by Ricardo Gareca.

“For everyone there is a limit,” said the coach, who is likely to leave. A critical week with his family pushing him to return to Argentina, but with president of the club supporting him fully.

Brazil Serie A – Santos vs Atletico Paranaense 20/08/2014

Santos news:

They complain rightly for offside in Cruzeiro’s first goal (25′). Generally they were lower than the circumstances at “Mineirao”, where they conceded two more goals in the 48′ and 88′, in a match in which they created chances but they were not effective.

It was the third consecutive defeat in the league for Alvaro de Oliveira’s club, who at this time have failed to score.

Victory is the aim against Atletico Paranaense, otherwise the coach will be under very heavy pressure.

Atletico Paranaense news:

They appeared upbeat at Recife and were preceded to Sport Recife in 25′, but as time was passing they were retreating.

They conceded the equalizer in 40′, while in the second half the fact that they kept the score 1-1 is because of the goalkeeper Weverton.

Undefeated in a second consecutive game the Doriva’s team, which runs, plays without pressure and takes advantage of its young players, they have managed to remain relatively high in the standings.

America-RN vs America Mineiro-Brazil Serie B

America-RN vs America Mineiro

America-RN news:

Goalkeeper Fernando Henrique was a hero, he kept his team upright at “Sao Janouario”.

America-RN were found to lose at 21′ to Vasco, they threatened a second goal, but instead of that they equalized the match with an own goal in the 53′.

For one more game Oliveira Caninde’s team showed that they are highly competitive. They are in front of two consecutive matches at Natal, in which they are looking for an equal number of victories in order to approach the top four.

America Mineiro news:

America Mineiro were decisive from the beginning, they left no margins to Oeste, which won from the first half, scoring all three goals for the final 3-0.

They took advantage of the loss of Joinville, achieved their second consecutive home win and thus Moacir Junior’s team was found in the second place of the standings.

Universidad de Chile vs Cobresal-Apertura Chile

Universidad de Chile vs Cobresal

Universidad de Chile news:

Universidad de Chile want to be the main Colo Colo’s rival for the title. Last year was a disaster so the owners took the decision to deal more actively with the club.

Martin Lasarte is the new coach of the team. For the last two years, the Uruguayan worked in Catolica by which he did not managed to win the league, but he did remarkable work. He is aware of the particular circumstances of the league.

There have been done cosmogenic changes to their roster, the intention is stability and homogeneity. In their last friendly, they drew 2-2 against Everton who struggles now in the Second Division.

The great stopper Rojas left the team as he had a great financial proposal by a group from the Arab Emirates. His gap will hardly be covered from the inside players , because except his value as a player, he was a captain inside and outside of the locker room.

Cobresal news:

Last year they were among the surprises, without big words but with good football, they managed to claim a position for the Sudamericana. Eventually, they did it. They ruled out Palestino in double matches and will participate in this year’s competition, which starts next month.

Cobresal are expected to be badly affected until they’ll find a rhythm in both competitions.

The eve of the skilled technician Jose Cantillana satisfied the management and the fans. The roster was filled, as the parallel obligations in the league and Sudamericana require several solutions. Any gaps were covered, however, it seems difficult to have as good progress this year, as in last Clausura.

On their plus side is that they’ll have no pressure, as the club is located in the Atacama desert and the city of El Salvador.

In the last friendly matches they showed a modest appearance but they are expected to be improved in the upcoming official games.

Botafogo vs Coritiba – Brazil Serie A

Botafogo vs Coritiba

Botafogo news:

The Paraguayan midfielder Zeballos was the fateful player who had two good chances in the first half, while the careless young goalkeeper Andrey suffered the first goal almost from the center of the field in 44′.

They had no clear mind and finally defeated to Sport Recife, starting negatively after the break.

They made many mistakes in transfers generally, showing the same foibles they had before the break and unfortunately they reached the last four teams at the bottom of the table.

Coritiba news:

Coritiba suffered a painful home defeat to Figueirense, remaining at pre break standards.

They suffered the 0-1 in the 5′, they were fastidious, made many mistakes and one of them caused the second goal in the 69′.

The emblematic midfielder Alex was the fateful player, who lost at least three classic chances.

Celso Roth’s team were unable to change the flow of match, who sank even more in the standings and the pressure on coach is growing.

Atletico Mineiro vs Bahia – Brazil Serie A

Atletico Mineiro vs Bahia

Atletico Mineiro news:

They accomplished an important win against Lanus in Buenos Aires on Wednesday and made a huge step towards winning the Recopa Sudamericana.

Atletico Mineiro were well organised defensively and they “struck” when they found the opportunity in the second half, scoring with Diego Tardelli in 66 ‘.

Levir Culpi dared to change Ronaldinho in 45′ and was vindicated. The rematch is scheduled in Belo Orizonte on Wednesday.

Concerning the league,they lost their last match 1-0 to Sao Paulo, just before the World Cup break.

Bahia news:

Although Bahia have tried hard, they find no solution to their offensive problem.

Things became even more difficult when they found themselves back at the score by two goals after the first 20 minutes, this happened in their home game against Sao Paulo. They had no answers and the result was sustained.

This was the fourth straight defeat for Marquinhos Santos’s team, which by this time has hardly scored once.