Barcelona is a breath away of Higuain 16/06/2014

Too close to the acquisition of Gonzalo Higuain are the “blaugrana” who have not agreed yet with Napoli.

For the first time since the experiment with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, FC Barcelona is determined to add in its club a top striker. In the face of Gonzalo Higuain, Luis Enrique sees the perfect No.9, so the “blaugrana” have speed up the procedures.

According to “Marca” the Argentine has agreed to almost everything with the Catalans and the only thing left is to find the golden mean between the two groups. Until now Napoli has not light up the green light, but they are close to say “Yes”.

We remind you that “partenopei” have acquired the 26 year-old a year ago by giving Real Madrid 40 million Euros.