Argentina at the top of their group – 26/06/2014

Following the most common World Cup predictions, Argentina topped the group with only victories, as well as they won Nigeria (3-2), having Messi as a lonely protagonist who scored twice and caught Neymar at the top leading scorers.

Argentina won Nigeria 3-2 and won the first place in the 6th group, making the absolute record of winning twice, after Netherlands and Colombia.

In fact they won for the fourth straight time in the World Cup group the specific opponent.

Lionel Messi was the star, who scored twice, reached the 4 in organization and grabbed Neymar the top of the list of scorers.

So, Argentina at the top of their group easily.

Nigeria won the second place, as for their opponents for the phase of “16”,  they will be known later after the completion of the fifth group.